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Industry Spotlight: Solonje Burnett of Humble Bloom

Solonje Burnett-Loucas is a co-founder and cannavist at Humble Bloom. She believes that we can shatter stereotypes and poor business practices through culture curation and by providing the industry with more access to strategic branding, education, advocacy, and inclusive community experiences. As a culture consultant, she creates innovative workplace conferences, designs and implements D&I plans, […]

Hall of Flowers – Event Recap

On September 17th, Team Oov had the opportunity to attend the launch of Hall of Flowers, an exciting new cannabis industry trade show. The event was an amazing chance to discover and network with all kinds of cannabis professionals from a wide range of specialties. An impressive number of emerging brands were […]

Could Biopesticides Help The Cannabis Industry Grow?

The birth of commercial cannabis regulation As the legal cannabis business continues to expand, the struggle to decide on various forms of regulation continues alongside it. As more and more entrepreneurs seek entry, lawmakers are still in the process of determining the best way to supervise the booming industry. Most […]