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3 Engaging Apps for Cannabis Users

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Technology and cannabis have found a perfect harmony in this new era of modern cannabis sales, culture, and consumption, and it’s bringing cannabis enthusiasts together in ways we could have never imagined in decades past.

Anyone with a smartphone can take their cannabis use to new heights by accessing some of the dozens of apps that have been designed specifically for the cannabis community. These apps inform, engage, and bond people together over the love of the plant, and are actually changing the ways people consume, and understand cannabis. Through the engagement and capabilities of these apps, the cannabis industry collects data that is revealing important insights on how people are using cannabis.

Here are 3 apps that are influencing cannabis consumption and are connecting people through an interest in cannabis:

High There

High There is the ultimate social network for cannabis users, and is known as the Tinder of the cannabis community without the sexual expectations. The app is all about uniting cannabis users in a safe, judgment-free environment that will allow people to meet like-minded individuals with whom to enjoy cannabis.

You can be matched with people who like your same style of cannabis consumption (i.e. those who like to vaporize are matched with fellow vapers), and you can even be matched with people based on your mutual interests in specific activities and preferred energy level.

While it’s intended to be a friendship network, you can see the success story of a couple who met and fell in love through the app, over their love of cannabis on their website.


This is your virtual budtender if you’re fortunate enough to live in a place that sells legal recreational cannabis. Potbot helps you see what’s in store in the legal cannabis shops around you without having to actually go in until you want to purchase something.

By filling out your age, experiences with cannabis, and some other preferences that will help identify product trends based on people like you, you’ll get personalized recommendations. Your virtual budtender will show you strains you may like based on other users and methods of consumption that may be a fit for you, and show you what’s in stock at dispensaries near you so you can consider your purchase beforehand. Shop around and discover the best deals, or discover new products you haven’t yet tried before finding them in store.


Originating in Canada, but having a growing base of users across American legalized states, Strainprint is an app that is designed to collect and disseminate information about people’s medical cannabis experiences. The data collected is used to inform medical cannabis doctors and other medical cannabis users about the best ways to treat certain symptoms with cannabis.

Users are asked to track their sessions, and anonymously add into the app what they were using cannabis for, what strains they use, what doses they used, their method of consumption and the effects of the session. This anonymous data can be viewed by fellow Strainprint users so to help inform their medical cannabis approaches. In the big picture, Strainprint has thousands of data available from their users to produce evidence-based knowledge on the who, what, when, why, and how of medical cannabis use, while allowing users to engage with this app and adding to the ecosystem of cannabis knowledge without disclosing their personal information.

The app was created by medical user Stephanie Karasick, who was diagnosed with PTSD and turned to medical cannabis with little knowledge on strains and doses. She laid the groundwork for the community-building, informational app which now has tens of thousands of users in Canada and the United States. Users can even earn points and get free awesome products through their Loyalty Program like vaporizers, rolling trays, and other awesome swag.

Puff, Puff, Pass on the CannaLove with Your Smartphone

These 3 apps are only a fraction of what’s available online and through your smartphone when it comes to engaging with other cannabis users and enthusiasts. These apps are intended to build community while also building knowledge and data around cannabis that helps the cannabis industry become stronger.

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