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5 Gifts for Mothers – Not Just on Mothers Day!

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Even though Mother’s Day is right around the corner, giving a gift to The Mother in your life is a good idea ANY day of the year. Yes, being a mom is incredible…but I’m not one to sugar coat anything – it is also hard AF. In fact, it is THE most challenging thing I have ever done and I know most Moms out there would agree with me. So personally, I feel like giving a gift to the mother of your children should be a monthly thing. I’m being completely reasonable; I didn’t say every week. Think you’re off the hook cause you don’t have kids? Think again… I’m here to remind you that your mom pushed an eight pound bowling ball out of her vag and then managed to raise you into a decent human being. If that doesn’t deserve your undivided attention once a month, I don’t know what does. Of course, I am assuming you have a normal-ish, at least a-little-bit, loving mother.

As a mother and wife, I’m going to give you a piece of advice. Although we LOVE LOVE LOVE those adorable cards and crafts our little ones create for us (cause why would we need anything else), you better have a plan in place to show the mother of your children she’s special and appreciated. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

If your lady is a cannabis queen like little-old-me, I’m here to help you my friend. I’ve come up with a list of goodies she’s sure to love, which -HELLO?- means you might be getting lucky, so listen up!

If your lovely lady needs to transport her goods from point A to point B then she will definitely appreciate a super stylish and odor free purse from Erbanna. We don’t need the PTA to know we are packing a gram in our purse, although I’m certain most of them could really benefit from a hit or two. They have a variety of affordable options ranging from a beautiful evening clutch to a lockable case, that not even the most curious child could bust into. Not only that, but they also have a really wide variety of prints which means there is a style for every kind of Mama. These bags are super cute and functional; two words every mom loves to see together. They are running a 20% off special through the 13th with code “CoolMom”.

I’ve been saying for years that women are social creatures and need to feel like they are a part of a group or “tribe”. If you think about it, we aren’t meant to be segregated in our homes all day with the weight of the world on our shoulders. Finding a group of like minded women to support us through all of life’s journeys can play a huge role in anyone’s mental wellbeing.
If she’s a woman that enjoys her cannabis, TokeAtivity is where she will want to be. They have created an online community where your Mama will feel 100% supported. She’ll find educational classes ranging from “Debunking the Myth Between Indica and Sativa” to “Cannabis and Menstruation”.  Not only do they host educational workshops for new cannabis consumers, but they also have informational classes where she can learn the ins and outs of starting her own cannabis business, because… FEMALE EMPOWERMENT!  Online connections not her thing? She can attend one of their in-person gatherings for a more personal experience. Their Community Membership is a very affordable $19 per month, but since we are talking about moms here, I would recommend you get her at least 6 months worth, cause let’s face it – we are worth it!

House of Puff – High Tide Candles
Maybe your lady needs a little help clearing the air before the kids get home from school. In that case, she will definitely love these candles. Their signature High Tide candle is hand poured in New York City using local raw material, which makes it an extra special addition to her high-style. Igniting this bougie stirs up a well layered scent which is headlined by white fig, sandalwood, iris and coconut milk with an encore of amber, hyacinth leaves and lime. Perfect for a brief but much needed morning of self care, or for setting the mood after a long and treacharous dinner, (I told you you’d be thanking me).

Although we represent every kind of person, some of us aren’t really crazy about the physchadelic glass pipes we had to choose from back in highschool. You know, the one that your darling mother confiscated from you- we won’t say how long ago 😉 And, although we probably won’t have our stash or pretty canna-accessories laying around the coffee table for the two year old to throw through a window… we want our pipes to be as elegant as the clothes we never get to wear. Stonedware pipes are not only stunning, but they are all handmade and every piece is unique. I know because I watch her making them on Instagram stories every day! What a way to bring your artistic talents into a booming industry. These stylish and classy pipes are great for any mother, whether she’s yours or the caretaker of your child.

FashionablyHigh – Rose Buds and Flowers Tote Bag
Got a Mama in your life that doesn’t give a flying-F what people think…but of course, does it gracefully. FashionablyHigh has the perfect tote bag for me- I mean her. Grocery shopping just got kicked up a knotch with this super feminine flowery find, and it’s on sale people! I mean look at this thing, if that doesn’t scream “cannamom”, what does? They also have a variety of other beautiful products including a ceramic ash tray with gorgeous gold detailing. If anyone wants to buy me one or both of these, DM me and I will give you my address.

So there you have it! Five gifts that I- I mean, SHE would love to get any day of the year (cough cough). As always, head over to the Oov Shop to check out what we have in stock as well. I’ve been testing out the Axis Glass Blunt this week and I’m happy to report, it’s definitely one of my go-to pieces. Anyone want to forward this post to my husband? 😉

With Love,

*No monetary gifts were given for these words, but I won’t lie- I do like free surprises!

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