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5 Global Cannabis Destinations to Put on Your Map

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It’s time to get global and expand your cannabis horizons by enjoying some cannabis tourism.

While this is an industry that has been thriving in the U.S. for a long time in the legalized states like Colorado, new and exciting destinations are cropping up as epicenters for cannabis consumption.

If you’re looking to go on vacation to a destination that promises an incredible trip and full access to green, add these 5 places to your list. Not only do they all happen to coincidentally start with C, but they all have a special aspect of cannabis to offer the canna-tourist.

  1. Canada

Legalizing cannabis across the country later this summer, Canada will become a new destination for cannabis tourists from all over the world. Already known as a place with a thriving cannabis culture, places like Vancouver can expect to host thousands of tourists. Visitors to Vancouver can treat themselves to a walk down East Hastings Street, Vancouver’s “pot block”. You can visit the Herb Museum, and see the site of Marc Emery’s first every dispensary, Cannabis Culture where its headquarters is located. Travels east will invite people to purchase and consume cannabis across the country, with different regulations for purchase, sale and consumption governing each area.

  1. Costa Rica

At present, cannabis in Costa Rica is illegal for both medical and recreational purposes. While there was just a new election of a President who is known to be liberal, legalization of any kind is still a bit far off. However, cannabis is decriminalized in Costa Rica, and cannabis culture is thriving. Visit places like Tamarindo on the Pacific Coast, where you can get your hands on a bag easily and can purchase wooden pipes (including penis pipes whittled out of wood!). For a more reggae culture, visit the country’s Caribbean Side in Puerto Viejo where cannabis culture thrives. While decriminalized, it’s still illegal so be very smart and be sure to be respectful and careful when consuming.

  1. Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are Spanish-owned islands just off the coast of Morocco, and is known to be quite the paradise. With cannabis social clubs being tolerated within Spain, you can find most of the country’s social clubs on these small islands. The climate is ideal for cannabis cultivation. Cannabis isn’t totally legal, but there are moves towards cannabis regulation on the island. Cannabis laws are very relaxed.

  1. California

This is the year to celebrate the year cannabis also became recreationally legal in California, one of the most thriving cannabis markets in the entire world. Visitors from near and far will flock to California to visit some of the hottest spaces from LA to San Francisco to the Oakland scene, to the Emerald Triangle. Wherever you are in California, you’re guaranteed to be connected to a nearby cannabis scene, and visit some of the world’s best designed dispensaries.

  1. Cambodia

If you’ve seen Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations you may have seen him eat some “happy pizza” in Cambodia. While Cambodia has laws against cannabis possession and sales, tourists from around the world will go to the city of Phnom Penh to order “happy pizza” from pizzeria’s all over the city. Cannabis bud is baked right into your pizza-pie. You can even order “extra happy” to ensure you’re getting the most out of your pizza’s added “veggies”.

Enjoy Safely and Responsibly

If you’re living in areas with relaxed cannabis laws, or partial/full legalization, it’s easy to get too comfortable with cannabis use when you travel. Don’t ever get complacent with cannabis when you’re crossing borders.

It’s important to note that when you are traveling in any other country, you MUST abide by the local laws in terms of cannabis sales and consumption. Ensure you’re fully aware of any limitations of the law in terms of cannabis so you don’t find yourself in hot water if you’re found using or possession cannabis in the wrong place.

Cannabis is something to be enjoyed globally, in all areas of the world, by bringing people together from all backgrounds for one special thing. Enjoy cannabis safely from all over the world, and support global cannabis economies through canna-tourism.

Where’s your next cannabis destination?

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  1. Hello Anne-Marie,
    Thank you for an informative article on cannabis destinations.
    I just wanted to share that Coral Cove Cannabis Resort has licensing in Jamaica and we cultivate on-site at an oceanfront vacation boutique hotel. This is an all-inclusive resort with cannabis package accommodations. Snorkeling, kayaking all meals and cannabis are included along sandy beaches and lovely sunsets. We are changing the website to start promoting the cannabis experience at this time. Education classes will be starting in the next few months.
    Let me know if you’d like more information.
    Best wishes,
    Keiko Beatie
    Director of Education

    • Anne-Marie E Fischer

      That is excellent to hear. Thank you for sharing this information about Coral Cove. Sounds like my kind of paradise. I’ll be writing for future articles about global destinations, so I’ll be sure to give mention to this, as well as promote on my own social. Maybe one day even visit myself!

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