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5 Tips for Incorporating Cannabis Into Yoga & Meditative Practices

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Yoga is a practice that is recommended to many people as a means to find stress relief, balance, and quiet the mind. Yet despite yoga being a practice that’s undertaken by over 20 million Americans each year, many find it difficult in a hectic world to find the calm that yoga requires and promotes. Cannabis can help you make the most of your yoga and meditative practice.

Cannabis is emerging as a popular health care supplement for many in terms of nutrition, beauty, and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. At Oov Lifestyle, we’re all about finding ways to show people how cannabis can enhance every day activities, from your beauty regime, to your sex life, to your parenting style, and so many other aspects of your lifestyle.

Are you finding that it’s difficult to get “in the zone” when in your yoga practice? Here’s 5 ways that turning to cannabis and embracing a cannabis lifestyle can enhance your practice:

  1. Choose Your Strain

Most cannabis enthusiasts know the differences between a sativa and an indica strain. Simply, a sativa will stimulate you, while an indica will induce the perfect complementary calm to your yoga and meditation.

Common strains used in cannabis-infused yoga practice include high-CBD content strains like Cannatonic, that are known for their properties that fight anxiety and depression. A little bit of an indica strain can go a long way in getting your mind “in the zone” where your worries melt away and you can concentrate on the self-care yoga promises you.

  1. Take Care of the Muscles

Many people who have physically demanding jobs find that when it comes to yoga, muscle inflammation stands in the way of getting the perfect stretch.

Using cannabis topicals help you reach the endocannabinoid system through your skin, reducing inflammation right at the spot.

Products like those cleverly designed by Crave, found at the Oov Lifestyle Shop, give you quite a few options. The Alchemy Oil, for example, can help you deliver CBD right to the places you need it most.

  1. Use Microdosing

Microdosing is being embraced by the fitness and yoga community because it allows the body to experience the benefits of cannabis without a heavy psychoactive effect (or high).

Microdosing can be done through a few ways, but it involves taking a smaller dose of your cannabis than you would for a full “session” – for instance, half a dose of your edible, or just one pull off a vaporizer instead of however many you would like to get “high” if you use recreationally.

  1. Use Discretion

While it’s amazing that you are a proud cannabis consumer – and we want you to be able to shout that from the hills and in yoga studios across the country – not all communities would be happy if you pulled out your vape in the middle of yoga.

Cannabis lifestyle brands, like Oov Lifestyle, strive to bring you products that allow you to use your cannabis freely, without cramping a non-cannabis user’s style.

Check out our page for products that help you bring your cannabis with you on the go, with infused-bites, pastilles, and strips that dissolve under your tongue without making it anyone’s business.

By consuming with discretion, you are able to share with other canna-yoga enthusiasts without making it obvious that you’re spreading green love across your yoga studio.

  1. Gear Up for Comfort

If you’re ready to infuse cannabis into your yoga practice, make sure that your external self doesn’t miss out on the feeling of bliss. Comfortable clothes are key to a comfortable yoga practice.

We’ve been working on a clothing line that will allow proud cannabis users to comfortably wear their cannabis pride on their t-shirts in yoga and in life.

From the Canna Coffee Shirt to the Oov Flowy Tank, to the edgy designs of the Delfina Tank and the Dalhia Tank, you can walk into your yoga studio as your sexy self ready to stylishly and comfortably take on your canna-infused yoga practice.

Namaste from Oov Lifestyle!

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