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Ozzie kicks off “Women of Cannabis” series

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I’ve been learning through this rapidly changing period of my life that the more I open up, the more of an impact it has on my progress and self-growth.  Authenticity, compassion, and motivation are extremely powerful when combined with the support of your community and loved ones.  I owe much of this empowerment to a plant by the name of Cannabis.  This flower has taught me so much about myself, revealed truths and ignited fires which I never knew existed within me.  I would like to share my experience by giving you an inside peek at how cannabis has changed my life, specifically as it relates to my most important role; motherhood.
Ask a parent what the hardest part of running a business is and they will quite surely give you an answer resembling the word: balance.  Motherhood is a constant juggle, and frankly – it’s the toughest juggle I’ve ever experienced.  It’s also the most rewarding and the best stamina-training out there!  If you want someone that can get things done efficiently and can multi-task like nobody’s business, hire a mom.  Staying home and being a working parent both have their pros and cons, I’ve done both.  There are some days where I feel like I’m living a double life.  Then there’s the guilt… oh the guilt.
Anyway, it can be difficult to stay present and enjoy the moment when you have a hundred things on your to-do list.  Some days though, I pause and say to myself, “This day can either be bad, or it can be good.  I have the power to choose.”  IT IS NOT EASY to come to a place where I can stop and say this to myself. It takes deep exploration and self-awareness.  Some days, I can’t find that place, but there are special moments where this thought pops into my head and I can take control of my emotions and intentions to change the course of the day.  That deep self-growth I mentioned earlier really started to become a part of my daily ritual when I started integrating cannabis into my life more regularly.  
Not only did it show me the path but it also continues to light the way in moments when I need a little extra support feeling centered and balance.  Micro-dosing (a method in which you can ingest very small amounts of THC) helps me feel light, rested, and patient.  I would not call this state a “high” but rather a period of focus and clarity.  When I’m in this state of mind and I’m with my children, I have razor sharp focus on them.  Their laughs turn into music, their smiles turn into beautiful works of art, and their curiosity turns into a raging fire that I can’t ignore.  I don’t care if the toys are on the floor or if the beds are not made.  I start to remember that this time is short and even start to get sad about it being short!  These reminders are GOOD.  I’m not saying they need to happen all the time or all day long. Those that know me best, know I am not one to sugar-coat.  In my doula practice, I’ve been preaching for years that society does women a great disservice by not normalizing feelings of stress when it comes to parenting.  I get it – it is hard AF!  But…just maybe, are we so stressed that we are missing the point?  I hold myself responsible first and extend this thought to all mamas that need a reminder of what is important.  Let’s try and remember that this time is short.  Not all day, but once a day. That comes easier to some than others, especially to those of us that struggle with anxiety or depression, which are widely misunderstood and often times, brushed off.
Everyone has their own reason for consuming cannabis.  I’ve noticed some people regard cannabis for chronic pain or cancer as the gold standard while mental health or “finding clarity” is a bogus excuse to get lit.  I’m going to challenge that; the reason for which someone chooses to consume cannabis is quite frankly…no one’s business.  Until you have walked in their shoes, know what they see or feel, you are in no position to judge.  Cannabis is a flower with incredible powers and that means different things to different people. 
When used responsibly, cannabis can be a lovely addition to anyone’s lifestyle, especially paired with a willingness and openness to dive deeper.  Cannabis is often times compared to coffee or wine, even I make this comparison to get my point across.  However, the medical and mental benefits of cannabis, far outweigh any other substance, supplement or prescription I have ever come across.  
Cannabis is an incredible tool for health and wellness.  We are redefining what it means to consume this herb and innovators are creating beautiful, discreet and safe ways to integrate the amazing benefits of cannabinoids into our daily lives.  It’s up to us to spread positive stories and to re-invent the image of the cannabis user.  I am inspired every single day by the beauty, positivity, and diversity of this industry.  There is an overwhelming sense of camaraderie and collaboration in this space and we hope to be adding to that standard at Oov Lifestyle.
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  1. I had an anxiety attack last week- overwhelmed by work and my duties as a mother. I ran out and spent $350 on supplements to calm my nerves and support my physical body (immunity) and emotional state of mind (Valerian, Passion Flower, Holy Basil, etc.) While I haven’t used Cannabis since I used to smoke it in high school, I’m thinking it’s not really that different from the other supplements I bought and am dosing with. I just can’t buy it at Whole Foods yet…. I’m going to get some of those chocolate covered espresso beans! Thanks for the article!


      Ingrid, thanks for reading! Yes, to me, cannabis is like any other herbal supplement. We are learning more and more about the benefits of the plant. Something that is becoming more known in mainstream is that CBD is a non-psychoactive component of cannabis – so it truly is a great addition to our other daily supplements. <3 Love & Light

  2. I love how you are able to express that through micro-dosing you are able to give more of the better parts of yourselves to your children. It really helps me to slow down and be able to focus and not be so stressed out over “life”. Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. I really enjoyed your story about microdosing as well. I have been curious about that for a while, although you know that I’m doing oils over at too. So so interesting to hear about how that worked for you too with a 5 dose. Have you ever tried a 2 dose of the espresso coffee beans? Thanks Ozzie! You’re pretty amazing and a beautiful soul. ??

  4. Hi! I too am a doula and parent and appreciate your post. I’ve noticed that if I use cannabis at night before bed I still feel less anxious and less muscle tension during the next day and don’t feel out of it at all. I also am a fan of microdosing for when I’m awake and needing some relief or focus. Thanks for sharing!


      Casey, yay doula love! 🙂 Thank you for your support and for sharing your experience as well. If you are interested in submitting your story feel free to email us! Love & Light. – Ozzie

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