An Infused Holiday Season

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The holidays are finally upon us once again! For most people, this time of the year is all about eating good food, spending time with family, attending parties and being cheerful. For some, however, the holidays can also be an extremely stressful time. (Hello, holiday shopping, we’re looking at you!)

If you are going home to a not-so-green friendly family, the stress and anxiety can become overwhelming. Cannabis offers a respite for many people and trends show that sales actually skyrocket around this time of year. Whether it be stocking up on your favorite strain on “Weed Wednesday” or buying cannabis friendly stocking stuffers for your friends on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, cannabis retailers report record holiday sales year after year.

Weed Wednesday and Black Friday

Green Wednesday, also known as Weed Wednesday and the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, is the second biggest cannabis holiday behind 4/20. Eaze, a cannabis retailer, reported a 98 percent increase in deliveries on Weed Wednesday compared to a typical Wednesday in 2017. In order to prepare for this year’s Weed Wednesday and Black Friday, Eaze is offering 40 percent off sales sitewide.

Weed Wednesday was born out of consumers’ desires to stock up on cannabis prior to Thanksgiving weekend. As more consumers turn to cannabis to control unwanted stresses, it is no wonder why people stock up before one of the biggest family holidays of the year.

Caliva, a San Jose-based retailer, saw sales for both Weed Wednesday and Black Friday double over regular sales days in 2017. Caliva prepared for this holiday season by ensuring inventory is adequately equipped to meet these outpouring demands. The company stated, “We’re well stocked for the holidays because we know people count on our products to help them keep their stress levels low, to inspire good dinnertime conversation, to stimulate their appetites, to remedy their hangovers, to get a good laugh out of grandma and to kick back and relax while they have time off.”

Options for an Infused Holiday

If you are one of the lucky ones and are going home to a green friendly home, then make the most out of it! Remember to remain thankful that you can openly share your cannabis consumption with those you love, as many have to still hide due to the ongoing stigma.

But do not fret. There are many products available that allow for discreet consumption, including tinctures, edibles, capsules, topicals and drinkables. These products are infused with CBD, THC or a combination of both, and do not emit an odor like smoking does.

If you feel up for a challenge this holiday season, you may want to consider “coming out green” to your family. Let them know that you are a cannabis consumer and the reasons for your consumption. By doing so, you will be able to freely consume during future holidays and might even convince a few family members to join you. At least your consumption will be known, and people will stop wondering where you have gone when you wander off for a pre-dinner toke!

Anne-Marie is a freelance cannabis writer and educator dedicated to cultivating and disseminating important knowledge about cannabis as legalization spreads across the globe.  After earning her BA and Masters, she followed an exciting career in the research and education field, finding innovative ways to create collaborations between community needs and research and academic pursuits.
Based in Canada, she is a full time writer for the world’s best cannabis companies, advocates and organizations.


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