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We created Oov to be the voice of many; a community of like-minded people marching towards legalization for all.  By creating positive dialogue and fostering safe spaces for conversation, we hope to be a brand that is recognized as a relatable resource for people just like you and me.  From the mom to the career driven maven and everything in between.  

If you have something to share and want to reach the Oov audience, you've come to the right place.   This is not just our platform but your platform.  We welcome anyone who is aligned with our hope that every person in the world will have access to the healing benefits of cannabis, and every family negatively impacted by the war on drugs sees better days.

We want to feature you, we want to support you and we want to provide a virtual podium for you.

This is a great opportunity to expand your own brand or talents.  Accepted submissions will be posted on our website, go out in our weekly newsletter and go into rotation on our social channels.  

Highest rated submissions and loyal contributors will be rewarded with a warm welcome to the #OovFam by adding you to our contributors page.  We also feature a “Contributor of the Week” on our homepage and in our newsletter, where we will feature anyone bringing high value content to our community.  

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