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“Cannabis brings people together to heal.” – Kiara the Voice

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Kiara the Voice shares how she first came to learn about cannabis and her journey to healing.

“I believe that cannabis and I share the same burning desire to heal and unify the world. I began using cannabis in college, mainly recreationally, with friends on campus. During the end of my sophomore year, I was stricken with abnormal abdominal cramping during my cycle that lasted for at least 3 to 5 days longer than my actual cycle (this was due in part to a new birth control prescription). As a cure, I would take an Advil at the slightest hint of pain…not realizing how frequently taking that over-the-counter drug would affect my body.

One evening while watching a Brazilian Dance company at The Symphony Space on the Upper Westside of Manhattan, I was struck with the most debilitating pain that felt like a knife was being dragged through my stomach. My aunt, who was with me at the time, rushed me to the emergency room. From how I described the pain, the doctors believed that I may have gallstones. Weeks later,  after a CAT scan, MRI, and finally endoscopy, doctors discovered that I had six stomach ulcers. You could only imagine how shocked I was to find that those ulcers were caused by my heightened usage of Advil to suppress my menstrual cramps. On that day, I decided that I would no longer use pain-killers; rather I would turn my attention to more natural/herbal ways of healing.

I began using cannabis from that point on, with the intention to ease my pain during my cycle. It wasn’t until I moved to California and began working in the cannabis industry in 2015 that my true appreciation and understanding of this amazing plant began. I began as a receptionist and budtender for the Wellness Earth Energy Dispensary in Studio City, California. There I was able to observe first hand people from diverse backgrounds and ages entering the dispensary to use this herb to heal. It was at the W.E.E.D. I saw the true healing power of ROS (Rick Simpson Oil full plant extract) and began to deepen my understanding and appreciation for the plant as a whole.

Cannabis serves no other purpose but to bring people together to heal – mentally, physically, and spiritually. As I deepen my connection to the universe and world around me, I understand my true purpose. That aspiration is to be a beacon of loving light energy for all those around me. Thus enabling a safe place for all to be vulnerable and engage in invoking conversations that ultimately bring us as a people closer together.”

– Kiara The Voice

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