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Science Proves Cannabis Makes You Have More Sex

Science has proven that those who use cannabis have more sex. This flies in the face of the old wives tales we’ve all been told about how guys who smoke weed have a lowered sperm count, or that smoking weed makes you lazy and disengaged. Au contraire, according to a […]

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

We are all sensual beings; our bodies are created to crave and need a certain level of touch, intimate contact, and affection. No doubt, there are times in our lives where the desire is not as strong as others. When we welcome a new baby, there’s definitely a dry spell. […]

The Benefits of Cannabis for Women’s Health

The complexities of the female body can be both daunting and mesmerizing. In the field of science, it has been common for clinical studies to be conducted on all male participants, as there are so many variables when observing the female body. As we shift into a new, more progressive […]

3 Ways Women Incorporate Cannabis into their Lifestyle

Photo by Kimber Beck Women Align With Cannabis If you think people aren’t using cannabis around you, think again – cannabis use is more common than you probably realize. In the age of legalization with a handful of U.S. states making the jump from medicinal cannabis to recreational cannabis, more […]