Removing Shame From Your Cannabis Use

Even as we creep toward the legalization of cannabis across the U.S., reversing the stigmatization of cannabis use remains a battle not yet won. Perpetuated by everything from media outlets to our own thoughts about our personal cannabis use, this stigma shows up in the ways we keep our consumption […]

Industry Spotlight: Kelley Bruce of CannaMommy

A pregnant woman at a dispensary? Kelley Bruce has been there. Ms. Bruce’s pregnancies were not what some would call “easy.” Every pregnancy is unique, but Kelley was suffering. During her first pregnancy, she was diagnosed with Carbamoyl phosphate synthetase I deficiency (CPS). Her second pregnancy brought with it severe morning […]

Who Consumes the Most Cannabis?

If you were to guess who uses more cannabis, what would you presume? While it may be easy to think that males are puffing the most, the answer is not quite as clear, and we wonder if the statistics aren’t really showing the whole story. As the curious folks, we […]

The New “Mommy Wine”

Most of us have experimented with marijuana back in our high school or college days.  Also, most of us have had that one horrible experience where we literally thought we were going to die.  For a lot of us, it was the infamous pot brownie that did us in.  So […]