Celebrating Women in the International Cannabis Industry

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Today is International Women’s Day! While we celebrate the incredible women in the cannabis industry everyday here at Oov, this holiday offers us a special opportunity to highlight some fierce women who are changing cannabis and the world!  

While there are many canna-wins to celebrate in North America, women around the ENTIRE globe are rising up for cannabis. Some names may be familiar, while others are quietly creating their own cannabis revolutions in their respective countries.

Nonetheless, ALL of these powerful women are making waves in the industry and deserve to be celebrated for their efforts this International Women’s Day.

Diane Scott – Jamaica

Diane Scott is currently spearheading one of the biggest initiatives to preserve island-grown Jamaican strains and sharing them with the world.

She brings more than two decades of experience to the Jamaican Medical Cannabis Collective. This group is dedicated to building successful, long-term relationships with licensed producers, bioceuticals and other medical cannabis providers worldwide, while also staying committed to developing entrepreneurial skills and social development in Jamaica.

With the leadership of Scott, Jamaican Medical Cannabis Collective has started a $2 million, 10-year project to identify, analyze and preserve Jamaica’s indigenous cannabis strains.

Danielle Jackson – Canada

Known as “MizD” and “Doprah” in the cannabis community, Danielle Jackson developed the Cannatherapy concept back in 2004. This Five-Step Method to cannabis use helps individuals explore cannabis safely.  

Jackson is currently working on the Cannatherapy Playbook that will detail her 15-year journey with Cannatherapy in a helpful, highly-educational resource book. She plans to do a cross-Canada tour to promote her work and the Cannatherapy concept.

Bibiana Rojas – Colombia

If there was a list of big players in the South American cannabis world, Bibiana Rojas would be on the top of that list. Currently, she is the managing director of Spectrum Cannabis Colombia. Rojas was previously the co-founder of Colombian Cannabis and the EduCannabis Foundation, the former of which was recently acquired by the industry bigwig Canopy Growth.

Rojas is dedicated to creating jobs and boosting the economy of local Colombian communities through cannabis production. She works with a facility in El Juncal that exports Colombian cannabis to Canada and highlights the strengths of cannabis from South America to global markets.

Rojas began 2019 with 50 employees and plans to triple that number by the end of this year.

Mampho Thulo – Lesotho

Her name may not be widely known in the cannabis industry, but her experience represents thousands of women who use cannabis as a mean to support their families.

In 2017, Lesotho became the first African country to legalize the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes. Like many living in North America, Thulo can’t afford the expensive licensing that goes along with moving into legal markets. However, she continues to cultivate.

She has been cultivating cannabis for as long as she can remember and understands the risks of continuing to grow it illicitly. For Thulo, it comes down to supporting her family.

“My children are in school because of marijuana,” she told BBC. “When I sell some, I’m then able to pay school fees.”

Debra Borchardt – United States

If there’s anyone who knows the numbers and money behind cannabis, it’s Debra Borchardt, founder and editor-in-chief at Green Market Report.

Borchardt brings decades of experience in the financial sector (as well as in the cannabis industry) to her publication, which helps individuals and investors “cut through the noise” of the money behind cannabis.

Borchardt also founded Industry Power Women, a group that gets together two or three times a year to celebrate the power and successes of women in the cannabis industry.


International Women’s Day is an opportunity to reflect on the lives of women around the world, who make great strides in cannabis. We should especially recognize those who work under much different conditions and laws than in canna-privileged areas. These women represent all different aspects of the cannabis industry and showcase how far we’ve come… and how far we have to go.

Take time today to recognize and celebrate the powerful women in this industry, who are uniting for the love of this incredible plant.

Anne-Marie is a freelance cannabis writer and educator dedicated to cultivating and disseminating important knowledge about cannabis as legalization spreads across the globe.  After earning her BA and Masters, she followed an exciting career in the research and education field, finding innovative ways to create collaborations between community needs and research and academic pursuits.  Based in Canada, she is a full time writer for the world’s best cannabis companies, advocates and organizations.


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