Sheri Matteo

As a Certified Nurse-Midwife, Sheri Matteo is passionate about women’s health with over 20yrs experience in clinical care. She believes in an integrated approach to wellness that includes the four pillars of education, nutrition, exercise and meditation.  Cannabis can play an important role in establishing and maintaining physiological balance, supporting the above. As a member of both the American College of Nurse-Midwives and the American Cannabis Nurses Association, Sheri is dedicated to providing women the most up to date information about cannabis for health and access to quality products.


Mskindness Ramirez


Mskindness is her given name and a self-proclaimed calling toward philanthropy. After a long successful career in large scale fundraising, she earned her Master's degree in Education to become a high school Math Teacher.  An accident during her second pregnancy meant that she found herself in constant pain. Her desire to find natural remedies and her academic mind led her into deep research. Only to find that Cannabis was in fact, a necessary component for optimal health. Armed with this knowledge and an extreme thirst for more, in 2015, she founded Club Kindness, a dispensary and her boutique line of cannabis infused remedies, Elixirs by Kindness are made for women and shared through a series of fun, educational events called Kind Socials. She is also the Co-Owner of The Alchemy Lounge, a members only Social club located in DTLA and the host of Sneaking in Silence, a podcast about Cannabis and Mindfulness.



Chelsea Quint


Chelsea Quint is an intuitive healer, life + worth coach, and biz mentor who helps high achieving, powerful women shift from surviving to thriving in life, love and business. Using soul healing and energetic mastery, she helps women stuck in survival mode heal their energy field to create the impact, influence and income they crave, on the way to building and living their legacy. Chelsea has never been one for living by the rules, and helps big dreamers redefine what’s realistic and create a life that is way beyond normal levels of good, supported, fulfilled and abundant. She’s a yoga and meditation teacher, C-PTSD survivor, clean + green beauty junkie and author.  When she’s not running her group programs or supporting 1:1 clients, Chelsea is usually writing, getting lost in the magic of NYC where she lives with her husband and two cats. Stay in touch on Instagramlisten to the Survivor to Thriver podcast  or join the free Survivor to Thriver Community 




Nicole Klemas, ELS, RYT200


Nicole Klemas is deeply inspired by taking yoga and meditation practices off the mat and into the outdoors, offering mindful yoga hikes and beach yoga sessions in the fresh air and sunshine of the San Francisco Bay Area. She is passionate about sharing simple, practical meditation and breathwork techniques that help foster compassionate self-love, clear intention setting, and gentle inner exploration. You can learn more about her at

Ashlee Langas

Ashlee Langas


After a decade as a professional dancer with credits including So You Think You Can Dance, Bette Midler, Robin Thicke and Ricky Martin, Ashlee transitioned her love of movement into a career as a yoga teacher. Ashlee’s lifestyle brand, The Wavvy Cloud, is a lens through which we can view the world and see the kindness that surrounds us. Some days that kindness is easier to see than others and on those days we have compassion for ourselves and the people around us.  It’s in those moments that the The Wavvy Cloud becomes a place that gives us an opportunity to practice being the most authentic version of ourselves and let our freak flag fly. Using cannabis products to turn our attention to how we feel in our body and mind allows us to go a little deeper into our yoga practice. Stoned Yoga™ is a journey into the body and back out again where on the other side we feel more connected to ourselves which allows us to be more compassionate to those around us. Learn more about Ashlee at

We support the normalization of cannabis.
We are feminists, dreamers, believers in equality, and love.
We embrace and support all humans and living creatures.
We believe creating positive dialogue and community will end the stigma and injustice that people face on a daily basis.