Sheri Matteo

As a Certified Nurse-Midwife, Sheri Matteo is passionate about women’s health with over 20yrs experience in clinical care. She believes in an integrated approach to wellness that includes the four pillars of education, nutrition, exercise and meditation.  Cannabis can play an important role in establishing and maintaining physiological balance, supporting the above. As a member of both the American College of Nurse-Midwives and the American Cannabis Nurses Association, Sheri is dedicated to providing women the most up to date information about cannabis for health and access to quality products.


Minellia Eustacio


Minelli’s practice and teaching is inspired by the simplicity of mindful movement and deep breathing. 

Her goal is to bring awareness to the mindfulness, healing, and bliss of cannabis-infused yoga, and guide others back within their bodies - back to a place of security, knowing, truth, strength, and power. 


Dusti Arab


Dusti Arab is a brand strategist specializing in content marketing for cannabis brands and creatives. An Amazon bestselling author, she is the CEO of Cannabis Bakeshop & Co.


We support the normalization of cannabis.
We are feminists, dreamers, believers in equality, and love.
We embrace and support all humans and living creatures.
We believe creating positive dialogue and community will end the stigma and injustice that people face on a daily basis.