Gifts Canna-Dads Will Love this Father’s Day

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No matter what having a father looks like in your life, let’s honor those who have “fathered” us on our journeys. Instead of the cliché tie or something golf-related, why not turn their Father’s Day into a green one with a cannabis-themed gift that honors what an awesome canna-Dad they are?

Whether you’re purchasing for your partner, father, sibling, son, or friend, here are 3 cannabis-themed gifts guaranteed to make them smile and show them that, as a treasured and appreciated person in your life, they deserve to relax with cannabis:

Cannabis Accessories Subscription Box

Cannabis-themed subscription boxes involve some pretty awesome curators finding some of the best smoking accessories, and delivering them right to your door.

Get them the cannabis gift that keeps on giving! An example of a great one that folks will love is the box from Hemper. The service presents 3 options to explore, all tools for enjoying cannabis,  so there’s sure to be something cool to try out. Each box contains a glass pipe, but you can choose your price and service. Options for boxes include the Bare Essentials (just $0.99 a month!), Hemper Pack, and the Glassentials Box, which includes a premium, hand-curated pipe for its users. Every box includes accessories, smell-proof technology items, and cleaning products.

For more subscription boxes that they’ll love, check out this list from International Highlife featuring some of the best subscription services. This list gets updated as new boxes become available.

CBD-Infused Beard Products

People with beards are usually pretty serious about keeping up the health and grooming of their prized facial hair; help them do that with CBD infusions. The Apothecary Guys have come out with a line of CBD-infused beard products that bring beard grooming to elevated levels.

The 420 Bundle includes CBD-infused beard oil (30mgs), infused beard wax (30mgs), and a solid cologne. This is a perfect gift for the loving and beloved bearded person in your life.

CBD that enters into your endocannabinoid system via your skin offers several benefits for improved skin tone and skin clarity. When applied to hair, it acts as a clarifying and strengthening force, resulting in a soft, thick beard that looks its absolute best.

Infusions to Enjoy Together

They always say that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, but many people who appreciate a good meal also love to try their hand in the kitchen, as well. Take cooking to new heights by adding a LEVO Oil Infuser to your kitchen so that you can make elevated edibles whenever you want.

With its sleek and sophisticated approach to infusions, LEVO Infuser has been a hot ticket item this year. This machine lets you produce high-quality cannabis oils and butters to add to your favorite recipes, allowing you to make small batches or high yield products. In addition, LEVO can be used to produce other herbal infusions, so you can also explore the wider world of infused cooking.

After the children go to bed, anyone who parents can enjoy exploring the ultimate unwind and relax session provided by elevated edibles.

They Deserve It

Taking time to honor the cannabis-loving person in your life on Father’s Day sends the message that they are allowed self-care. A cannabis-themed gift helps them acknowledge that they deserve to treat themselves. And what better treats than cannabis sessions using the nicest accessories, products that pamper, and elevated infusions that please their stomach.

Happy Father’s Day to all the folks we appreciate for the love and support they provide. You deserve this day of recognition!

Anne-Marie is a freelance cannabis writer and educator dedicated to cultivating and disseminating important knowledge about cannabis as legalization spreads across the globe.  After earning her BA and Masters, she followed an exciting career in the research and education field, finding innovative ways to create collaborations between community needs and research and academic pursuits.
She traveled the world with her husband and settled in Costa Rica where they also own a tattoo shop.  She is now a full time writer for the world’s best cannabis companies, advocates and organizations.

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