Hall of Flowers – Event Recap

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On September 17th, Team Oov had the opportunity to attend the launch of Hall of Flowers, an exciting new cannabis industry trade show. The event was an amazing chance to discover and network with all kinds of cannabis professionals from a wide range of specialties.

An impressive number of emerging brands were on site, many of whom were showcasing their products and services. It was a great opportunity to see the big picture of where the cannabis industry is headed. Seeing so many different products and companies in one place really put in perspective just how far we’ve come, and what an exciting time the next decade will be.

With over 1500 attendees and 150 companies showcasing their brands, the event was very well organized. We loved the setup and ambiance of the main trade show floor, and the Hall of Flowers team was incredibly friendly and helpful.

One of the biggest draws for many of the attendees, including Team Oov, was the keynote speaker, bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, and social media star Gary Vaynerchuk, also known as Gary Vee. Vee is a business and marketing thought-leader and the CEO of Vayner Media, one of the largest and fastest growing advertising firms in the world. He’s also a popular content creator, providing millions with business advice and motivational tidbits via youtube and other social media platforms.

During his talk, Vee shared with us his insights into where he sees the cannabis industry going and how new emerging brands can position themselves to succeed in the long run. Additionally, he made it a point to focus on the collectivism, unity, and opportunity within the industry, pointing out that “every single person in this room today can get theirs, without it coming out of somebody else’s pocket”. 

Another of our favorite parts of Vee’s address was when he drew an interesting parallel between our industry now and the tech world in the mid 2000’s. At that time, social media platforms and new companies like Facebook and Twitter were emerging and went on to become multi-billion dollar behemoths. Is the energy of our industry today similar? Are we on the forefront of an equally exciting period of innovation and growth?

There are few industries that have as much momentum as ours does today. Even if you don’t take into consideration the attraction of monetary gain, there’s still room within cannabis for entrepreneurs to innovate and think outside the box. Half of the product categories we saw at Hall of Flowers didn’t even exist a decade ago, and as the industry rapidly expands, more and more innovative products and services will emerge.

We’re definitely looking forward to more events from Hall of Flowers, and to sharing everything we learn with you!

Photo Credits: Patrick Ridge (Ridge Production)

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