Can Cannabis Help with Migraines?

By OovTeam | February 14, 2018

Dear Nurse Susan, I have been plagued with migraines for the last 20 years. I have tried everything and sometimes it helps, but most of the time it doesn’t. I’ve never tried cannabis and I’m a little bit afraid, but willing to put up with the high if it will […]

Using Cannabis for Weight Loss

By OovTeam | January 1, 2018

Dear Nurse Susan, Every year I have the same New Year’s Resolution…Lose weight! I’m great for a month at most, then I eventually gain whatever weight I lost, plus some. My friend told me she was losing weight by using marijuana. Pleeeaaasssee!!! Can you imagine, claiming to lose weight by […]

Is Cannabis a Treatment for Cancer?

By OovTeam | December 19, 2017

Dear Nurse Susan, My mother is battling cancer. She has lost 35lbs and now weighs less than 100 pounds. Watching this illness ravage her body has been devastating for our family. She has had chemotherapy and radiation, and it made her so sick. I heard that cannabis actually kills cancer. […]