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How Cannabis Topicals are Changing Wellness

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We’re in a worldwide movement where the various uses and applications of cannabis and its cannabinoids are being increasingly explored for all aspects of health and wellness.

Why Topicals Are Becoming So Popular

While medical research is catching up to people’s first-hand experiences that proclaim the benefits of cannabis, the health and beauty, wellness and lifestyle brands are catching on to cannabis topicals.

Cannabis topicals are creams, lotions, salves, ointments, and oils that are infused with cannabis derivatives including THC and CBD and are made for external, local use. They’re not intended to produce any psychoactive effect, but are showing great benefits when used to supplement anyone’s health and wellness approach.

When used locally on a part of the body, the skin absorbs the cannabinoids into the blood stream and into the endocannabinoid system the internal regulator of health. The science that investigated topicals and the endocannabinoid system saw this as a very quick and effective delivery system to get the benefits of CBD right into the endocannabinoid system via the cannabinoid receptors.

Here are a few reasons why cannabis topicals are making their way into people’s medicine cabinets and cosmetic bags:

  1. Skin Care

It’s been shown that the endocannabinoid system is directly responsible for the reduction of inflammation on the skin.

Essentially, if the skin is inflamed, including with acne, pain and itch, it will be the endocannabinoid system within the skin that rises up to attack the inflammation.

Preliminary studies are showing the effectiveness of CBD to human skin cells, to limit inflammation and the production of sebum, which is responsible for breakouts. Using a topical cannabis face cream can be exactly what you need to get the balance you’ve been trying to find with other skin care regimens.

  1. Pain Relief

Much of the rallying around the effectiveness of cannabis has been due to its anti-inflammatory properties, and this is why so many are finding their pain relief right in a bottle of cannabis topicals.

Since the skin in a part of the endocannabinoid system, topicals help you find pain relief at the source, rather than having to use prescription pain relief pills that enter your whole body to treat one localized area.

People are finding menstrual relief, for instance, in local cannabis products. One of the well-known brands to tackle menstrual pain is Whoopi and Maya, whose topicals claim to relieve period pain right at the source through its THC and CBD creams.

Our shop has a great products we believe in for pain relief called 7 Leaves Cream.

  1. Relaxation & Sensuality

CBD topicals, especially when they come in massage oil form, are an excellent way to infuse the relaxing effects of CBD right into your muscles.

Topicals are being celebrated more and more due to their benefits for relaxation, muscle relief, and even in the bedroom.

We created our brand based on the personal experiences of how THC and CBD have benefited our lifestyles. Our Simple Jane Barely There Massage Oil brings 50mg of CBD into a sensual, passionate product that will bring all that’s good about sex and cannabis to all the right places…

You’ll also find some great CBD infused products like Crave Skincare that you can put right into your tub to promote the best kind of relaxation on our shop page.

Go Forth and Apply Those Topicals

Cannabis topicals that contain THC will not produce a psychoactive effect, but it is important to note that there will be a degree of THC absorbed into your blood stream if THC topicals are your choice. Anyone exploring topicals for the first time should be aware of this.

There is a lot more emerging research and information about how cannabis topicals can complement your health and wellness regime. Stay tuned to Oov Lifestyle as we cover more about topicals and all the ways cannabis can enhance your lifestyle for pleasure, relaxation and helping you life each day as your best self.

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