Industry Spotlight: Corey Thomas

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Corey Thomas knows cannabis well. She did grow up in the cannabis industry and witnessed the evolution of the industry, afterall. As a mother, entrepreneur, cannabis advocate and founder of the award-winning brand Honey Pot, Corey is a passionate and strong voice for the industry, while also helping to spread the benefits of this incredible plant.

Honey Pot offers infused honey, craft cannabis-infused topicals and aromatherapy vaporizers. The brand’s mission is to provide widespread relief. Honey Pot is committed to creating products that meet the needs of everyone in the cannabis community. The brand has been involved in multiple areas of the industry, and are eager to collaborate with other cannabis enthusiasts in the future.

Read more about Corey in this Oov Lifestyle exclusive below.

Oov: What did you do prior to moving into the cannabis industry?

CT: As a second-generation cannabis farmer, I have been working with cannabis in some capacity my entire adult life. Prior to launching Honey Pot, I worked in events, assisting in production of some of the largest festivals in the United States.

Oov: What was your motivation to get involved?

CT: Other than having family influences, my motivation to work with cannabis comes from my love of the plant. From my early teens, I have been consuming cannabis on pretty much a daily basis.

Oov: What advice would you give to a friend wanting to break into the cannabis space?

Photo by Jen Skog of MJ Lifestyle

CT: There are a lot of people joining the industry these days, many of whom are completely new to the world of cannabis. Many of these people are diving in with a focus solely on turning a profit without taking the time to really familiarize themselves with the space, the history of prohibition and the stories and struggles of the people who made the industry what it is today. Do your research, learn the history, listen to those who came before you, and respect the space that was created by activists who risked their freedom to help people.

Oov: As a parent, how do you talk to your children about cannabis?

CT: My son is 11 years old, so he’s not consuming cannabis, but he knows our family’s story. He knows that I make products that help people and that not everyone understands the benefits of the plant. I try and be as honest as I can with him about the benefits of the plant and the truth about prohibition.

Oov: What are some of your concerns as legalization continues to spread?

CT: Legalization is a great thing. What creates concern is the legislation and regulations. The laws are not always written with the small business owners in mind. Legalization is opening up the space to people with greed as their motive and that is a difficult thing for me to accept.

Oov: Tell us about your first experience with cannabis.

CT: My parents were open with me about the benefits of the plant, so when I was offered to smoke the first time I felt safe. It was the summer before my freshman year of high school and I don’t think I even got high the first time. It wasn’t too long after that I was smoking pretty much every day.

Oov: What are your favorite products/strains right now?

CT: Flowers are my favorite. Lately, I have been smoking a lot of Lift Ticket Pre-Rolls — the papers are infused with live resin sauce and they come with a glass tip. I also dab, I have a Puffco Peak that I love. I am a big fan of pretty much anything Nature’s Lab or Field Extracts makes too.


Photography: Jen Skog, MJ Lifestyle

Anne-Marie is a freelance cannabis writer and educator dedicated to cultivating and disseminating important knowledge about cannabis as legalization spreads across the globe.  After earning her BA and Masters, she followed an exciting career in the research and education field, finding innovative ways to create collaborations between community needs and research and academic pursuits.  Based in Canada, she is a full time writer for the world’s best cannabis companies, advocates and organizations.


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