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Kyra and I had a fun Oov Sesh a couple of weeks ago (below).  I wanted to follow up with a few more questions to better understand what makes this babe tick!

– Ozzie Ozkay-Villa

Oov:  What did you do prior to moving into the cannabis industry?  

Kyra: I have been working as a freelance content marketing and social media strategist now for 3 years. After being inspired by where I was starting to see the cannabis industry shift, I knew I had to get involved.  

Oov: What was your motivation to enter the “Wild Wild West”?

Kyra:  My motivation to enter into the Wild West was realizing that I wanted to be a voice in the health and wellness space. I know from personal experience and those close to me have been positively healed through cannabis. I wanted to fuse together all of my passions (wellness, food, cannabis, culture, art and fashion) into a community that inspires and sparks curiosity. I am Kyrious afterall. 

Oov: What roadblocks or challenges have you faced?

Kyra:  I sometimes forget that I am my own biggest critic and can really dig myself into a negative space. There are days that I let the fear of money, judgment, and the mysterious future stand in my way.  

Oov: What advice would you give to a friend wanting to break into the cannabis space?

Kyra:  The advice I would give to a friend is to remain open, honest and clear on your intentions. Realize there is a lot to learn, teach and grow from. Not everyone will agree with cannabis and you have to be okay with that, meet him or her wherever they are at. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and share your voice because it matters.

Oov: How do you talk to your family about cannabis?

Kyra:  I talk to my family about cannabis by being as transparent as possible and educating them about everything I know. I meet them where they are at and never force anything. I remain patient with their understanding of cannabis and am always open when they come to me with questions. 

Oov: What are some of your concerns as legalization continues to spread?

Kyra:  My biggest concerns revolve around how cannabis will be viewed and sold across the country – will it be seen as a commodity or a medicine. I also worry about the treatment of this plant as the demand begins to rise. I recently wrote an article about my hopes and fears for Vanderpop.

Oov: Tell us about your first experience with cannabis.

Kyra:  I honestly think my first experience using cannabis was at a Dave Matthews Band concert at The Gorge surrounded by my best friends in one of my favorite places in the world. Who knew ten years later this is where I would be. 

Oov: What are your favorite products/strains right now?

Kyra:  Favorite products include: 

Strains I am currently digging include Tangie, Sour Diesel and Candyland.

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