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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

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We are all sensual beings; our bodies are created to crave and need a certain level of touch, intimate contact, and affection. No doubt, there are times in our lives where the desire is not as strong as others. When we welcome a new baby, there’s definitely a dry spell. I mean, who wants to have sex when we have a small human attached to our bodies for 20 hours of the day.  Limited showering opportunities and an average of 3-4 hours of sleep – get lost buddy!  For those of you living in this space at this very moment – don’t worry, you and your partner have the power to bring this part of your relationship back, when you’re ready.

Clearly there are more sensitive issues than a few months of sleepless nights and being touched-out.  When there is a critical lack of connection, some form of abuse or body/emotional trauma, those are times when we need to seek professional support or consider moving on.

But for the average parenting journey, I would encourage you both to explore a part of your relationship that may have been put on hold for a while. It may take a lot of time and energy at first, but keep at it.  Plan special dates, overnights, and schedule in a couple of hours each night to have an actual conversation that does not involve the kids, or work. Just talking about dreams, desires, and reminiscing about the first months of your courtship can be a form of intimacy that can grow and expand, just by repetition and staying open and available.

Something else that can help is…you guessed it: cannabis!  When we consume cannabis in its various forms, our senses are heightened and we focus on what is in front of us in that moment. It allows us to become really in tune with our bodies, sensations and our partner’s love language. There are hundreds and hundreds of strains and products to choose from, but who says you can’t have fun while trying? Remember when “trying” to get pregnant was fun? Start slow and go from there, micro-dosing is an incredible way of reintroducing cannabis into your daily life. For me, consuming flower is an amazing way to set the mood and we really enjoy the ritual of handling fresh herb.  Another great way to add cannabis into your sex life is through topicals.  They can increase blood flow to your sensitive parts without any psychoactive effects.  YUM!  Remember, you don’t need to “get high” from cannabis to benefit from its medicinal properties.

My secret sauce: an indica-dominant formula (our friends at Level make a great one that is easy and mess free with the PAX Era), the Oov Playlist, and a great topical like Herba Buena.  This combination is enough to switch my mood out of overwhelmed and overtouched to empowered and playful.  It is not always easy, everyone goes through ups and downs…but when you can put your guard down and reawaken your fun, free spirited self, you might just rekindle something that has been sleeping for a while.

No one said this was going to be easy my friends.  What we really want for our kids is to model a loving and respectful adult relationship, however that looks for your family.  No union is perfect, but we are in control of our destiny and sometimes it needs a good push to get going in the right direction.

Not all partnerships are meant to be saved either, but each individual deserves love, adoration and passion in their lives.  Hey, and no one ever said you can’t take matters into your own hands and be your own knight in shining armor!  The year is still fresh, how about we make a promise to put more energy into prioritizing the part of us that made us parents in the first place?

Whatever your journey was in becoming a parent…remember, you are MORE than just a parent. You’re a beautiful, sexy goddess and feeling sexually empowered is an amazing and liberating thing!

Have fun,

Ozzie Ozkay-Villa – Founder & CEO, Oov Lifestyle

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