Medical vs. Recreational Cannabis

By OovTeam | May 16, 2019

Progressive pockets within North America have enjoyed the benefits of medicinal marijuana for a while now, but there’s shift happening that has some cannabis users drawing lines in the sand, while others are working hard to erase them. 2018 is going to be a tremendous year for recreational cannabis. California […]

Making Your Own Cannabis Oil Suppositories

By OovTeam | May 15, 2019

Making Your Own Cannabis Oil Suppositories Ingredients 1 gram (1000 mg) of THC oil – Start with 50 mg per suppository. (Use whatever product you prefer. Use a lab tested product that you can use in a measured dosage). 250 mg of CBD oil – Optional; Start with 10mg per […]

Does the US government really have a patent on medical cannabis?

By OovTeam | May 12, 2019

Dear Nurse Susan, Is it true that the US government has a patent on marijuana for medical uses, yet classifies it and as a Schedule 1 drug and recently decided to rescind some of the federal protections for medical marijuana in legal states, or is this more “fake news”? Thank […]

5 Gifts for Mothers – Not Just on Mothers Day!

By OovTeam | May 10, 2019

Even though Mother’s Day is right around the corner, giving a gift to The Mother in your life is a good idea ANY day of the year. Yes, being a mom is incredible…but I’m not one to sugar coat anything – it is also hard AF. In fact, it is […]

Cannabis Research: Why You Shouldn’t Believe All You Read

By OovTeam | May 8, 2019

We’re now used to hearing the call for “more research” in the ongoing struggle to legalize cannabis. It’s often a chicken and egg situation where the forces that be don’t want to legalize cannabis due to the lack of research, and the lack of research is due to the status […]

5 Tips for Incorporating Cannabis Into Yoga & Meditative Practices

By OovTeam | May 5, 2019

Yoga is a practice that is recommended to many people as a means to find stress relief, balance, and quiet the mind. Yet despite yoga being a practice that’s undertaken by over 20 million Americans each year, many find it difficult in a hectic world to find the calm that […]

Main differences between THC & CBD

By OovTeam | May 2, 2019

This week we kick off Oov Lifestyle’s 1-Minute video series!  We know our followers are usually busy women and mothers with little to no time left in the day to catch up on cannabis culture.  We are in the same boat, we get it!  So we created fun, quick videos […]

What happens when you mix cannabis and music?

By OovTeam | April 16, 2019

Cannabis and Music Cannabis has been a mainstay in the music scene for decades. Associated with genres such as reggae, jazz, blues and rock and roll, cannabis has earned a notorious reputation in the music world. In 1964, Bob Dylan famously introduced the Beatles to cannabis while staying at the […]

Could You Benefit from a Cannabis Tolerance Break?

By OovTeam | February 26, 2019

Using cannabis changes the way the body works. Adding cannabinoids in the form of THC and CBD (and others) into the body works with the endocannabinoid system to reach the CB1 and CB2 receptors within the brain. This creates the physiological changes we generally seek from medical cannabis; scientifically, these […]

Science Proves Cannabis Makes You Have More Sex

By OovTeam | February 8, 2019

Science has proven that those who use cannabis have more sex. This flies in the face of the old wives tales we’ve all been told about how guys who smoke weed have a lowered sperm count, or that smoking weed makes you lazy and disengaged. Au contraire, according to a […]