Too Much THC? Combat a Powerful Cannabis Experience with These Tips

By Anne-Marie Fischer | December 1, 2018

It happens. Whether you call it “greening out” or “whiting out,” sometimes there can be too much of a good thing when it comes to cannabis — especially its psychoactive component, THC. It’s important to note one fundamental aspect regarding cannabis: no one has ever died of a cannabis overdose. […]

An Infused Holiday Season

By Anne-Marie Fischer | November 21, 2018

The holidays are finally upon us once again! For most people, this time of the year is all about eating good food, spending time with family, attending parties and being cheerful. For some, however, the holidays can also be an extremely stressful time. (Hello, holiday shopping, we’re looking at you!) […]

New Cannabis Study Peeks Into The Lives of Microdosing Mamas And Divorced Dads

By Anne-Marie Fischer | November 7, 2018

Social media can be a lot more telling than we suspect. It turns out that when we’re sharing the ups and downs of our days, our self-care routines, and our wellness tips, we might just be participating in a study about cultural shifts! Thanks to legalization in places like California, […]

Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen

By Nicole Fronzino | November 6, 2018

On November 6, something exciting launched in the cannabis community: Stephanie Hua & Coreen Carroll’s newest book, Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen!  This cookbook takes edibles to new levels by showcasing 30 delicious and inviting recipes geared towards all types of consumers. Team Oov had the opportunity […]

“Canna-Weddings” and 3 Fun Ideas for Your Big Green Day

By Anne-Marie Fischer | October 26, 2018

Just because wedding season is over doesn’t mean a new kind of wedding invitation might not still show up in your mailbox. As legalization continues to spread, so does a new wedding trend: the weed wedding. Cannabis-loving couples are choosing to spend their nuptials surrounded by family, friends, and the […]

My Torrid Love Affair With Cannabis & Mental Health

By Anne-Marie Fischer | October 13, 2018

I began using cannabis at age 17, which is exactly half my life ago. After so many years of not really fitting in, not loving the drinking scene, and looking for something that would help me feel “chill”, cannabis truly became my first love. Like many relationships, there are ups […]

Upcoming Cannabis Events

By Dusti Arab | October 8, 2018

The cannabis industry has no shortage of exciting events nationwide right now. Take a look below to find everything from industry events for medical professionals to cannabis-infused dinners, guaranteed to get you the elevated experience that you’re looking for. Industry Events The 4th Annual Cannabis Nurses Network Conference With more […]

Removing Shame From Your Cannabis Use

By Minelli Eustacio | September 13, 2018

Even as we creep toward the legalization of cannabis across the U.S., reversing the stigmatization of cannabis use remains a battle not yet won. Perpetuated by everything from media outlets to our own thoughts about our personal cannabis use, this stigma shows up in the ways we keep our consumption […]

Industry Spotlight: Kelley Bruce of CannaMommy

By Anne-Marie Fischer | August 23, 2018

A pregnant woman at a dispensary? Kelley Bruce has been there. Ms. Bruce’s pregnancies were not what some would call “easy.” Every pregnancy is unique, but Kelley was suffering. During her first pregnancy, she was diagnosed with Carbamoyl phosphate synthetase I deficiency (CPS). Her second pregnancy brought with it severe morning […]

Who Consumes the Most Cannabis?

By Anne-Marie Fischer | August 20, 2018

If you were to guess who uses more cannabis, what would you presume? While it may be easy to think that males are puffing the most, the answer is not quite as clear, and we wonder if the statistics aren’t really showing the whole story. As the curious folks, we […]