The Perfect Cannabis & Yoga Combinations

By Minelli Eustacio | July 6, 2018

Say goodbye to the days of smoking a bowl in your car before a much-needed yoga session, only to wander into class to find the intensity way too much for your level and kind of high – I know I’m not the only one who has smoked a heavy indica […]

Minorities in Cannabis Series: Cannabis and the LGBTQIAPK+ Communities

By Anne-Marie Fischer | June 20, 2018

In past articles, Oov has explored different under-served communities and their relationships to cannabis, including women, immigrants, and African Americans. Each exploration presents an opportunity to learn about and become sensitive to the experiences of these groups. LGBTQIAPK+ communities are no different from other underrepresented communities in their relationships to […]

Three Reasons You Should Be Using Cannabis in Your Wellness Routine

By Minelli Eustacio | June 18, 2018

Cannabis is so much more than just a psychoactive high (although consuming cannabis recreationally is great). Combined with other tools like eating well, getting adequate rest, and other acts of self-care, it can be another step you take on your path to a healthy, fulfilling life. A lot of people […]

Gifts Canna-Dads Will Love this Father’s Day

By Anne-Marie Fischer | June 12, 2018

No matter what having a father looks like in your life, let’s honor those who have “fathered” us on our journeys. Instead of the cliché tie or something golf-related, why not turn their Father’s Day into a green one with a cannabis-themed gift that honors what an awesome canna-Dad they […]

Quick Tips for Mindful Meditation

By Minelli Eustacio | May 28, 2018

Try using mindful meditation as a daily tool for grounding rather than just when you’re already stressed out. Having certain practices set in place before you’re feeling overwhelmed makes these techniques a lot more effective and less likely to be overshadowed by thoughts of how “well” you’re doing them – […]

Using Cannabis and Mindful Meditation to Enhance Your Well Being

By Minelli Eustacio | May 23, 2018

Photo Credit:  Rachael of Ganjasana A little while ago, after wrapping up a cannabis-infused yoga class where students were sharing stories over tea and occasional passes of the bong, one of them made the truest statements I’ve heard in a while; “Being mindful is hard as fuck.” Lately there’s been […]

Axis Glass Blunt

By | May 17, 2018

Over the past couple of weeks I have had the pleasure of using the Axis Glass Blunt by Skylab. I will admit, I had never used a glass blunt before but have always been waiting for the opportunity, so when they contacted me, I jumped at the opportunity. Firstly, let me […]

5 Gifts for Mothers – Not Just on Mothers Day!

By | May 7, 2018

Even though Mother’s Day is right around the corner, giving a gift to The Mother in your life is a good idea ANY day of the year. Yes, being a mom is incredible…but I’m not one to sugar coat anything – it is also hard AF. In fact, it is […]

Are Cannabis Cocktails Always the Best Mix?

By Anne-Marie Fischer | May 6, 2018

Cannabis culture is thriving with new and innovative ideas for infused or elevated recipes being passed around as much as the pipe. Cannabis infused chef-hosted events, where chefs prepare a dosed full-course meal to willing participants have been making headlines in mainstream media like Vogue. The idea of “weed weddings” […]

5 Global Cannabis Destinations to Put on Your Map

By Anne-Marie Fischer | April 25, 2018

It’s time to get global and expand your cannabis horizons by enjoying some cannabis tourism. While this is an industry that has been thriving in the U.S. for a long time in the legalized states like Colorado, new and exciting destinations are cropping up as epicenters for cannabis consumption. If […]