Ozzie kicks off “Women of Cannabis” series

By | October 31, 2017

I’ve been learning through this rapidly changing period of my life that the more I open up, the more of an impact it has on my progress and self-growth.  Authenticity, compassion, and motivation are extremely powerful when combined with the support of your community and loved ones.  I owe much […]

Ashley Castro of Home in the Hive

By | October 21, 2017

Cannabis and Motherhood. My journey with mama ganja started over a decade ago, when I was 18. I’ve used medical marijuana for anxiety, depression, migraines, body aches and pains, more energy, deeper sleep, connecting with spirit, creativity juice and so much more! When we found out we were pregnant with […]

What is Micro-Dosing?

By OovTeam | September 22, 2017

Oov Lifestyle One-Minute Video Series: What is Micro-Dosing?

Main differences between THC & CBD

By OovTeam | August 29, 2017

This week we kick off Oov Lifestyle’s 1-Minute video series!  We know our followers are usually busy women and mothers with little to no time left in the day to catch up on cannabis culture.  We are in the same boat, we get it!  So we created fun, quick videos […]

The New “Mommy Wine”

By | August 12, 2017

Most of us have experimented with marijuana back in our high school or college days.  Also, most of us have had that one horrible experience where we literally thought we were going to die.  For a lot of us, it was the infamous pot brownie that did us in.  So […]