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Supporting women in a leadership role is at the core of the Oov mission.  By collaborating and lifting each other up, we believe we can continue to create a diverse and rich industry for cannabis.

When Lucy of Green Love Denver reached out to collaborate, I enthusiastically replied – yes!  I loved what she was doing with her voice and appreciate her relatable style.

Lucy takes her background in Environmental Science and applies her passion and skills to the cannabis industry.  Her website and blog, Green Love Denver, have become a popular hub for millennials interested in cannabis.

Oov: What did you do before you got involved in the cannabis industry?

Lucy: I’m currently involved in the industry part-time – I’m working full-time for a law firm which I’ve been doing for 7 years.

Oov:  How did you get into cannabis?  Where did it all start?

Lucy: I was introduced to cannabis 8 years ago in college. It was during my last year of school that I discovered the benefits of this plant medicine. Being slightly OCD and really goal-driven, I found it was a great way to relax and slow my mind down. It was after one magical 420 in the Quad at CU-Boulder that I started consuming and I never looked back!

Oov: What would you say has been the most difficult aspect of being in this industry?  What are some roadblocks?

Lucy: I haven’t felt like the industry has provided that many roadblocks – especially since we are still in the early years – it seems like there is room for everyone. As long as you have a unique idea and the passion behind your company, I think you’ll see success! A lot of the industry is about networking so always pushing to get your concept out there is important.

Oov:  What motivates you to be a leader in your niche?

Lucy: I’m motivated as a leader in providing consumers with positive information about the cannabis lifestyle as well as promoting the benefits of utilizing consumption with fitness – particularly yoga. I’ve personally felt the benefits of cannabis in the last 7 years and want to educate others on the benefits as well. It’s important to de-stigmatize the common misconceptions about “stoners” and the best way to do that is by being a positive role model and practicing what you preach.

Oov:  What advice would you give to a friend wanting to break into the industry?

Lucy: Stay with it! If one door closes another door opens. Staying consistent with your message and content is important.

Oov:  Was there a “coming out of the cannabis closet” moment for you?

Lucy: I don’t think I had an official “coming out of the closet” moment. It was more of a gradual progression where I started talking more to my family and friends about the plant. Once you open the dialogue, it’s amazing to see how many people are actually interested and supportive of the movement.

Oov:  Tell us about your first experience with cannabis.  

Lucy: My first experience with cannabis was the typical “stoner” phase. I got super high, couch locked, and really bad munchies. I can say the last few months of college I was definitely in that stoner phase of “smoking weed”, uncontrollable giggles, sooo much food. Lol.

After a few months, things leveled off as my tolerance got higher and that’s when I really started reaping the benefits of the plant. I found cannabis helped me calm my mind, think more clearly, and provide me with a creative outlet.

Oov: Favorite strain/product on the market right now and why?  

Lucy: There are so many unique products on the market right now! I’d say one of my favorites is Toast – its a high CBD social pre-roll that I find to be the perfect blend for my yoga practice. I enjoy the body high from the CBD without the added effects of the high psychoactive effects of THC.

I also like the strain Dosidos – it’s an indica dominant strain with the similar effects of Girl Scout Cookies.

Check out Green Love Denver and follow them on IG @greenlovedenver

Photos by Kenesha Facello Photography

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