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Meet Kassi, the Smartest Cannabis Storage Unit We’ve Met!

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Over the last few years we’ve seen an explosion of new and innovative products, spanning a wide and ever growing variety of categories. We’ve also seen tremendous strides in the technology of delivery methods themselves. Overall how we consume cannabis products is changing. But what about the technology of how we store and manage our cannabis? With so much focus on the delivery mechanisms, it’s easy to overlook the importance of how you store and keep your various strains fresh and in optimal conditions. 

This is the solution Kassi seeks to provide, an innovative, easy way to store and manage your medicinal cannabis, track your consumption and maintain optimal freshness. But Kassi is much more than just any ordinary storage unit, it’s the most technologically advanced, first of its kind, smart cannabis storage system that’s designed to serve as your management hub for your medicinal cannabis.

Kassi is built with this specific goal in mind, not just to serve as a place for storage, but it’s designed from the ground up to function as a smart hub. With additional features like an electric grinder designed for minimal damage, and a smart digital scale. It’s sensors provide real time temperature and humidity data directly to your phone and will adjust automatically to maintain optimum conditions. In addition to tracking your consumptions patterns like time of use, dosage history and current amounts. It can also send you scheduled reminders when quantities are low to ensure you repurchase on time.

These features are impressive by themselves, but the design team at Kassi wanted to truly create an innovative product that set a new standard, while advancing the technology forward. Kassi not only will notify you when quantities are low, but it can then show you where those strains are available at nearby dispensaries and arrange your purchase.

The Kassi app is just as impressive as the storage hub itself, It lets you view and access all your important usage data with ease. It has useful options like the ability to rate your experience with different strains and their dosage, and then receive feedback on how to best optimize your consumption. The app is also compatible with Alexa, Siri and Google Home, which really shows how forward thinking the team has been by implementing voice assistant accessibility. 

We see the Kassi storage hub as more than just a very well designed gadget. We think this concept and approach to storage is a glimpse into the future, where everyone who consumes medicinal cannabis will have a smart hub assisting them in their routine. If future homes and buildings will all feature smart technology, and smart appliances already being so highly in demand, we see no reason the same won’t occur with cannabis. The team at Kassi has recognized this and done a great job of bringing together the tools needed to manage and optimize your usage in an easy way. If you’re going to invest in high quality vaporizers and other great tech, then we strongly suggest you take a look at investing in a device like Kassi that will help preserve your cannabis and improve your experience even further. 

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