Meet the Queen of CannaYoga

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We reached out to Minelli Eustacio to learn more about how she incorporates cannabis into her practice.

Oov: What did you do before you got involved in the cannabis industry?

Minelli: Before teaching cannabis-enhanced yoga, I taught regular yoga classes and worked as a nurse’s assistant in a hospital.

Oov:  How did you get into cannabis? Where did it all start?

Minelli:  My husband was the one to give me a proper introduction to cannabis, before then I had only tried it once. He was the only person I knew at the time who’d smoke regularly and openly while still being completely functional throughout the day. I guess seeing that made me curious to try cannabis and see what the experience was like for myself, and once I did I loved the kind of mind expanding conversations it promoted. And the rest is history!

Oov:  What would you say has been the most difficult aspect of being in this industry? What are some roadblocks?

Minelli:  For me, the biggest roadblock has been finding an affordable space to hold classes and events. I don’t have my own space and the ones I found that would work well for yoga either didn’t have landlords that wanted to have cannabis smoked in their space, or charged a high rental fee if they did. Also, the fact that a lot of cannabis legislation is still being decided has made it hard to know exactly how my classes might need to change around that. Starting a career on uncertain ground is always difficult and sometimes ends in not being able to follow through with ideas because of new legalities.

Oov:  What motivates you to be a leader in your niche?

Minelli:  I’m not really motivated to be a leader, but I am motivated by wanting to share the mindfulness, healing, and bliss of cannabis-enhanced yoga – something I used to do alone but now do with so many students and friends who love to do the same. It’s so amazing to see and facilitate people rediscovering connection to themselves, other people, and deep relaxation because of a plant.

Oov:  What advice would you give to a friend wanting to break into the industry?

Minelli:  If you have the passion for this plant and have an idea to create something with it – do it. Nothing will ever be exactly as you want it to be, so don’t wait for perfection. The desire and passion is all you need to start making what you want a reality, with small steps of action.

Oov:  Was there a “coming out of the cannabis closet” moment for you?

Minelli:  After I started teaching cannabis-enhanced yoga classes, cannabis became way too prominent a part of my life to keep hiding from my family since I’d spend entire days smoking, teaching with cannabis, and going to cannabis events. After a few months of teaching I told some members of my family and they were surprisingly chill with it. I still feel as if I’m partially in the “cannabis closet” though, since I occasionally work at a hospital so have to keep the fact that I smoke low-key when I’m there.

 Oov:  Tell us about your first experience with cannabis.

Minelli: My first time smoking was in high school out of an apple during lunch, haha. It was pretty underwhelming though, because I didn’t feel high and just ended up getting a headache. I chalked that up to cannabis not working for me and didn’t feel curious to try it again until I was 21. 

Oov:  Favorite strain/product on the market right now and why? 

Minelli:  My favorite product right now are CBD Alive tinctures – they’re so delicious and I’ve been using their THCA drops before doing yoga and offering it in my classes. I love that they grow their plants thoughtfully, use cannabis-derived CBD instead of hemp, and that they’re truly just interested in patient health and wellbeing, not in making cannabis a new lifestyle brand or getting in on the green rush. It’s great to see compassionately produced cannabis goods out there.

You can find on Instagram @yogawithminelli and check out her website:

Feature Photo by Bess Byers

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