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Culinary and Cannabis is a new groundbreaking event forum which brings together healthcare professionals, advocacy groups, and food & wine experts within the community for a great cause. We aim to refute the stigma associated with medical marijuana treatment by exploring its many culinary possibilities.

The Culinary and Cannabis event is the brainchild of Tamara Anderson, a nurse who regularly works with patients suffering from debilitating pain. For these patients, long-term use of pain medication can mean exposure to uncomfortable side effects (such as vomiting, loss of taste/appetite, etc.), damage to the liver and other vital organs, addiction to prescription medication, and overall changes in the patient’s personality.

Medical marijuana can dramatically improve the quality of life for these patients by offering long lasting relief of symptoms without being addictive; medical strains are low in THC, but high in CBD (the compounds that provide health benefits).

Culinary and Cannabis is not a weed food-fest! This is a deluxe event aimed at welcoming professionals in the medical marijuana community to explore new ways to give these patients their lives back.

Tamara’s company, Sugar & Spyked, leads the charge in demonstrating a multitude of mouthwatering culinary techniques that will make your taste buds dance. Attendees at the Culinary and Cannabis event will enjoy 5-star quality meals and will walk away with strategies to prepare these treats for those they serve.


Oov:  What did you do before you got involved in the cannabis industry?

Tamara: Prior to my cannapreneur life I was a mom, RN and owner of “‘Sugar and Spyked” the alcohol infused dessert bar company.  All these aspects of my life brought me to the place I am right now.

Oov: How did you get into cannabis?  Where did it all start?

Tamara:  I got into cannabis by researching how I could infuse my current pastries with cannabis. I needed to find a way to help my son with a rare medical condition (Job Syndrome) and find something to help my grandmother sleep.  At the time, she was taking a combination of sleeping pills and cough syrup before bed. While on the journey, I found recipes but was having a hard time figuring out dosage. 

Meanwhile, the John Beard Award went to a chef with a cannabis dish, and that moment I knew there was an opportunity there.  I wondered why more cannabis chefs aren’t easily accessible and why they do not have a platform to share their knowledge, so I created Culinary and Cannabis. 

Oov: What would you say has been the most difficult aspect of being in this industry?  What are some roadblocks?

Tamara:  Most difficult for me was having to look everywhere for information and resources. A big roadblock was the financial side and finding the proper real estate.  Since we were not a grow, or a collective, it was difficult to navigate this area.

Oov:  What motivates you to be a leader in your niche?

Tamara:  My motivation is education.  Education gives you freedom to make better life choices. My son and I have a rare medical condition and he has since passed (March of this year).  I feel really strongly that if I would have had more education on this flower, he would still be with me today. I don’t want lack of knowledge to hurt or take another person’s life.

Oov:  What advice would you give to a friend wanting to break into the industry?

Tamara:  Get involved in the cannabis community, attend networking and educational events in your local area, volunteer and do your research.

Oov:  If you are a parent, how do talk to your kids about cannabis?  If not, was there a “coming out of the cannabis closet” moment for you?

Tamara:  I was not educated on cannabis, but when I learned more, I had him write me a paper on it.  When he was done, he discovered cannabis could help him make it through each day.  It helped him sleep and focus in school.  He had a medicinal need and we didn’t know this was an option for him.

My daughter knows I have a cannabis business and that we help people find ways to heal.  She is educated on the benefits and knows how to use it properly.  I don’t condone this for minors but tell her if she wants to try anything, to always ask me first.

Oov:  Tell us about your first experience with cannabis.

Tamara:  My first experience was graduation night with my friends and I wasn’t impressed. I did not try it again until a few years later.

Oov:  Favorite strain/product on the market right now and why?

My favorite product is Sprig Soda, I like the flavor and the dosage. I also use it to infuse some of my desserts.


You can find out more about Tamara and Culinary and Cannabis below.  IG @CulinaryandCannabis 

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