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Meet the girl that took her health into her own hands…

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“Sam Stoner” shares her story with Oov:

I grew up with chronic migraines starting at age 12, and had doctor after doctor tell me prescription after prescription would be the cure. Every doctor said the same word: Hormones. Like it was an easy excuse for such an easy thing. These migraines were anything but easy. I was put on birth control…the pain never subsided…and that was that. Only later did I find nature’s true cure; cannabis was the answer all along. A daily dose of clean THC and CBD when I feel any discomfort, has lead me to a migraine-free life. Just saying those words is liberating!

Too many women have been told their pain and discomfort, physical or mental, is due to that one word: Hormones. Our pain is more than that. Our pain sure as hell deserves more than hormone spikes from birth control, or the personality quenchers of an anti-depressant. My pain deserves more than being prescribed a drug made in a lab somewhere that may or may not mimic the symptoms of having a heart attack. My pain deserves the organic, natural, and earth-given benefits of cannabis.

Cannabis has changed my life in the most freeing way. I won’t ever be ashamed of using such a beautiful plant to better my quality of life. I believe in its healing properties so much that I started a CBD dog treat company, Mindful Paws.  I also give a small, daily dose of pure CBD to my own two pups. This has been my way of spreading the knowledge and benefits of cannabis to a whole new audience, and I wouldn’t change it for the whole world. Not to mention, I freaking love dogs!

Cannabinoids have so many health benefits for dogs, but just as importantly – for women too. I am free of pain, anxiety, and depression.  I am so in touch with my body now that I know what it needs and when it needs it. That feeling can be so empowering to any woman! Now, I’m not saying smoke some jays and eat some Cheetos and see the miracle happen before your eyes! And I’m not saying I have all the answers. I’m saying all pain is different, and cannabis can be that extra magic that your body and mind may benefit from more than you can imagine, when you add it to a mindful and healthy lifestyle. I know it did for me. I thank veganism and cannabis every day for my pain-free life. Thank you universe for cannabis, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without it.


Sam is on Instagram under the handle @santanamastoner

You can also follow her CBD dog treat company @mindfulpawsco

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