Hall of Flowers – Event Recap

By OovTeam | September 25, 2020

On September 17th, Team Oov had the opportunity to attend the launch of Hall of Flowers, an exciting new cannabis industry trade show. The event was an amazing chance to discover and network with all kinds of cannabis professionals from a wide range of specialties. An impressive number of emerging brands were […]

Could Biopesticides Help The Cannabis Industry Grow?

By OovTeam | September 17, 2020

The birth of commercial cannabis regulation As the legal cannabis business continues to expand, the struggle to decide on various forms of regulation continues alongside it. As more and more entrepreneurs seek entry, lawmakers are still in the process of determining the best way to supervise the booming industry. Most […]

Is Cannabis The Solution for The American Opioid Crisis?

By OovTeam | August 24, 2020

In 2016, opioids killed 63,632 Americans. According to the CDC, “nearly two-thirds of these deaths (66%) involved a prescription or illicit opioid. Overdose deaths increased in all categories of drugs examined for men and women, people ages 15 and older, all races and ethnicities, and across all levels of urbanization.” […]

Hemp Legalization in the United States

By OovTeam | July 19, 2020

At the turn of the 20th century, there was a sudden shift in the nation’s attitude toward hemp. American farmers had been cultivating the plant since the 1600s; but when the recreational use of marijuana — a different strain of cannabis — was discovered, it incited a flood of research […]

Minorities in Cannabis Series: Cannabis and the LGBTQIA Communities

By OovTeam | June 2, 2020

In past articles, Oov has explored different under-served communities and their relationships to cannabis, including women, immigrants, and African Americans. Each exploration presents an opportunity to learn about and become sensitive to the experiences of these groups. LGBTQIAPK+ communities are no different from other underrepresented communities in their relationships to […]

“Big Cannabis” and Why Many Businesses Are Being Left Out

By OovTeam | May 22, 2020

With cannabis becoming the economic cash cow none of us could have predicted, some of those responsible for building the cannabis industry we know today are being left out in the cold when it comes to legal cannabis. Cannabis pioneers and small businesses are facing a new challenge as the […]

3 Engaging Apps for Cannabis Users

By OovTeam | May 20, 2020

Technology and cannabis have found a perfect harmony in this new era of modern cannabis sales, culture, and consumption, and it’s bringing cannabis enthusiasts together in ways we could have never imagined in decades past. Anyone with a smartphone can take their cannabis use to new heights by accessing some […]

Medical vs. Recreational Cannabis

By OovTeam | May 16, 2020

Progressive pockets within North America have enjoyed the benefits of medicinal marijuana for a while now, but there’s shift happening that has some cannabis users drawing lines in the sand, while others are working hard to erase them. 2018 is going to be a tremendous year for recreational cannabis. California […]

Does the US government really have a patent on medical cannabis?

By OovTeam | May 12, 2020

Dear Nurse Susan, Is it true that the US government has a patent on marijuana for medical uses, yet classifies it and as a Schedule 1 drug and recently decided to rescind some of the federal protections for medical marijuana in legal states, or is this more “fake news”? Thank […]

A Look Up North to Canada’s Legal Cannabis Situation

By OovTeam | May 9, 2020

    If there’s three things that Canadians like, it’s beer, hockey and cannabis, and now it’s Canada’s turn to shine in the legal cannabis movement worldwide. Canada will be making the sale of recreational cannabis federally legal later this summer, although the data is still to be announced. It’s […]