3 Ways Cannabis Has Evolved Since Early Medical Legalization

By Anne-Marie Fischer | March 31, 2018

Legal cannabis has been on the table in North America since it was first legalized for medical purposes in California in 1996, yet it wasn’t until these last couple years that cannabis made a huge shift across the continent that the early pioneers of cannabis could have never foreseen. 2018 […]

Representations of Women in the Industry

By Anne-Marie Fischer | March 26, 2018

Oov Lifestyle oozes female power, seeking to elevate the role and place of women in the world, while we connect cannabis and lifestyle in beneficial and enlightening ways. We are founded on believing that women create one of the strongest foundations, and vibes, within the cannabis industry. We exist with […]

3 Critical Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Cannabis Entrepreneur

By Anne-Marie Fischer | March 9, 2018

If you’re looking to elevate your career to new highs, a career in cannabis may be what suits you. With an industry projected to be worth $57 billion  globally in just under a decade from now, the green rush is one that many are turning their eyes to with a […]

The Dangers of Contaminated Cannabis Concentrates & How to Avoid Them

By Anne-Marie Fischer | March 6, 2018

Last month, we investigated the issue of “clean cannabis”, alerting cannabis consumers to be aware of the potential contaminants, pesticides and other trace chemicals that can be left over from the cannabis growing and cultivation process. Luckily for legalized states like California, cannabis testing has emerged as an important practice […]

3 Engaging Apps for Cannabis Users

By Anne-Marie Fischer | February 28, 2018

Technology and cannabis have found a perfect harmony in this new era of modern cannabis sales, culture, and consumption, and it’s bringing cannabis enthusiasts together in ways we could have never imagined in decades past. Anyone with a smartphone can take their cannabis use to new heights by accessing some […]

Immigrants Fighting to Gain Ground in Cannabis Amidst Precarious Conditions

By Anne-Marie Fischer | February 20, 2018

  Last month to kick off our Minorities in Cannabis series, we explored the history and experiences of African Americans in cannabis. We drew attention to the very real fact that there is a phenomenal number of disproportionate cannabis arrests in the black communities, with significant barriers facing African Americans […]

The Fight for Clean Cannabis

By Anne-Marie Fischer | February 5, 2018

If you are into clean and healthy living, you’re likely very aware of where your food is sourced, how it’s grown, and take significant measures to ensure that your food is free of contaminants or harmful pesticides. We are conscious consumers, with awareness on the ways that some farmers cut […]

Is it possible to be mentally and emotionally addicted to cannabis?

By Anne-Marie Fischer | January 30, 2018

Physically, cannabis isn’t an addictive substance, but emotionally and mentally, it may be possible to develop a habit of sorts towards cannabis for frequent users. This week, we look into the question of: “Is cannabis addictive?” and attempt to examine the various perspectives that lead to a not-so-straightforward answer. I’ll […]

Medical vs. Recreational Cannabis

By Anne-Marie Fischer | January 22, 2018

Progressive pockets within North America have enjoyed the benefits of medicinal marijuana for a while now, but there’s shift happening that has some cannabis users drawing lines in the sand, while others are working hard to erase them. 2018 is going to be a tremendous year for recreational cannabis. California […]

What I Wanted to Say to Dr Travis of The Doctors

By OovTeam | January 21, 2018

Thank you to “The Doctors” for having me on their show!  Could not be more grateful for the opportunity to share knowledge and advocate for moms everywhere that choose to integrate cannabis into their lives for health and wellness. Full episode below. To see my full response to his question, […]