Immigrants Fighting to Gain Ground in Cannabis Amidst Precarious Conditions

By Anne-Marie Fischer | February 20, 2018

  Last month to kick off our Minorities in Cannabis series, we explored the history and experiences of African Americans in cannabis. We drew attention to the very real fact that there is a phenomenal number of disproportionate cannabis arrests in the black communities, with significant barriers facing African Americans […]

The Fight for Clean Cannabis

By Anne-Marie Fischer | February 5, 2018

If you are into clean and healthy living, you’re likely very aware of where your food is sourced, how it’s grown, and take significant measures to ensure that your food is free of contaminants or harmful pesticides. We are conscious consumers, with awareness on the ways that some farmers cut […]

Is it possible to be mentally and emotionally addicted to cannabis?

By Anne-Marie Fischer | January 30, 2018

Physically, cannabis isn’t an addictive substance, but emotionally and mentally, it may be possible to develop a habit of sorts towards cannabis for frequent users. This week, we look into the question of: “Is cannabis addictive?” and attempt to examine the various perspectives that lead to a not-so-straightforward answer. I’ll […]

What I Wanted to Say to Dr Travis of The Doctors

By OovTeam | January 21, 2018

Thank you to “The Doctors” for having me on their show!  Could not be more grateful for the opportunity to share knowledge and advocate for moms everywhere that choose to integrate cannabis into their lives for health and wellness. Full episode below. To see my full response to his question, […]

Minorities in Cannabis: A Brief Examination of African-Americans and Cannabis

By Anne-Marie Fischer | January 18, 2018

When the cannabis industry exploded to become the land of opportunity that it is today, we had the opportunity before us to ensure that this industry didn’t just replicate other industries in their imbalances in gender, color, background, class, and race. A fresh, clean slate allowed the cannabis space to […]

Moms of Autistic Children are Advocating for Medical Cannabis Access

By Anne-Marie Fischer | December 19, 2017

“It seemed like a miracle,” Marie Myung-Ok Lee said when her autistic son became the first medical cannabis patient in Rhode Island at 9-years old.  After witnessing her son struggle with his form of autism that included violent rages and self-harming, their approach to medical cannabis “left him clear-eyed and […]

Oov Holiday Shopping Guide

By Anne-Marie Fischer | December 6, 2017

  If you have a ganja goddess in your life, one way to put a smile on her face is to give her a stylish, unique gift that highlights the canna-queen in her. This gift guide has been curated with the confident and proud cannabis-loving woman in mind. We chose […]

Introducing “Dear Nurse Susan”

By | November 27, 2017

We are proud to announce an incredible addition to the Oov Team and an amazing offering for our readers and community.   Susan Marks is a cannabis nurse and educator. She brings over thirty years of health care experience to working with medical patients who want to include cannabis therapeutics in […]

Oov Swag

By | November 20, 2017

Visit our Shop So you’ve heard us talk about collaboration over competition in many forms and over various social outlets.  We practice what we preach at Oov and will always support any and all female run businesses, regardless of what space they occupy.  Even if we are sharing the same […]

A Sexy Collaboration…

By | October 16, 2017

Chelsea and I met a few months ago in San Rafael at a local coffee shop.  She had reached out to me via Instagram – and being the eager networker that I am, I couldn’t wait to meet her! We hit it off immediately.  We talked about our backgrounds and […]