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We are crazy about anyone and any businesses that is redefining the cannabis-consumer image.  Angela at Elevate Jane is doing just that, by curating a stylish and modern smoke shop.  Each piece is not only functional but sleek, an accessory that any canna-girl would love to have at her finger tips!
We are proud to represent many of her items in our own shop and are grateful to be collaborating with a fellow girlboss that has a similar vision as us, here at Oov.

Oov:  What did you do before you got involved in the cannabis industry?  
Angela: My professional background is a marketing dominant hybrid, crossed with Jack of All Trades type roles for early stage tech companies and the food + beverage industry. It ranges from grocery ecommerce to cocktail bars to a wine education platform and more. 
Oov:   How did you get into cannabis?  Where did it all start?
Angela:  Having grown up in LA, cannabis has always been a part of my culture. I’ve wanted to get into this space for some time, but I couldn’t figure out my place in the “black market”. I moved outside of California, and I was surprised to see how differently the rest of the country views this beneficial plant. When state after state started going green, I knew that it was finally the right time to enter this emerging legal market. 
Oov:  What would you say has been the most difficult aspect of being in this industry?  What are some roadblocks?
Angela: The uncertainty of what changes are going to take place, and when. We all signed up for this when we decided to enter this newly regulated industry, but it’s still difficult for everyone. Elevate Jane is an ancillary brand that doesn’t touch the plant, so for us specifically, I wonder when policies around pipes and smoking accessories will evolve. 
Oov:  What motivates you to be a leader in your niche?
Angela: You shouldn’t feel you have to hide your pipes in the shoebox in the closet, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Your crystal cut whiskey glasses are thoughtfully arranged on the bar shelf, and you should similarly be proud to display your beautiful, handmade pipe on your coffee table. Most people don’t know that this functional art exists (yet), and I feel it’s my role to share it with them. Ultimately, I want to break the stigma of smoking in the pursuit of cannabis as medicine. 
Oov:  What advice would you give to a friend wanting to break into the industry?
Angela:  Just get out there and start talking to people – talk to your budtenders, the friend of a friend who makes edibles, anyone and everyone. When you tap into one person, you tap into their network, and the opportunities are endless. 
Oov:  Was there a “coming out of the cannabis closet” moment for you?
Angela: The first family member I came out to about my business is my 90 year old Taiwanese grandmother. She said, “That’s bad!” and then asked, “Is it legal?” I replied yes, she paused, then said “I heard that it’s really effective medicine for sick people.” 
Oov: Tell us about your first experience with cannabis.  
Angela: It all started out of a Granny Smith apple in my cousin’s friend’s minivan in Long Beach (which is why Summerland’s Fruit Fantasy ceramic apple pipe has such a special place in my heart). I didn’t get high high, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Right off the bat, I liked the aroma and the sensation of inhaling and exhaling the smoke, and eventually, I came to love the enhancement it brings to life.
Oov: Favorite strain/product on the market right now and why?  
Angela: I have so many… I‘m always going to love sungrown sativa flower the most, and I’ve been seeking high CBD strains to combat overstimulation during the day and aid with relaxation at night. Lately, I’ve been sipping on some Citrus Sap from Humboldt Brothers in the morning and switching over to Eagle Rock Farms Sunset Sherbet (23% CBD!) in the afternoon – both are sungrown and pesticide free.
I am also loving microdosed edibles. As a result of too many spacecakes in college, I belonged in the “terrified of edibles” camp… until recently. There are also some delicious vegan options now. Fruit Slabs Mango Maui Wowie is one of my favorites –  it’s just organic fruit and cannabis extract. I turn to CBD sublinguals for all of my ailments – headache, stomachache, you name it. Papa and Barkley‘s 1:30 Releaf Tincture has a permanent place in my purse along with the 3:1 Releaf Balm, which I use for my neck pains and as lip balm. 
Lastly, I know it’s not exactly a product, but I am really happy to see all the events popping up around LA that bring the industry, patients, and recreational consumers together – elevated yoga workshops (Local High Society has a monthly one), educational series like Blunt Talks, and full-day and weekend community events such as Emerald Exchange and Zen & Kush.

Elevate Jane is a contemporary smoke shop based in LA. They’ve curated a collection of highly functional and aesthetically pleasing smoking accessories with modern smokers in mind. Pieces range from minimal ceramic pipes to smellproof storage solutions, and beyond. They take pride in sourcing products created by artists here in the US, many are based in the LA area.
Visit their website to see where Elevate Jane will pop up next!

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