Oov Ambassadors


All trailblazers in their own right. Standing tall and speaking loud to have a voice for those that can't.


Mesa, Arizona

Cameron is the creative mind behind JAJ (Just Another Jay) a lifestyle-health focused cannabis collective.  The motivation behind JAJ stems back to his parent's love of cannabis and how they advocated for continued education and legalization.  Cameron wants to showcase cannabis through an artists lens that fosuces on the lifestyle side of the plant. JAJ is all about spotlighting cannabis in an aesthetically branded approach. 


Kelly Bruce

McKinleyville, CA

On NYE in 2010 Kelley was hit by a drunk driver and suffered significant back and neck injuries that would ultimately end her skiing career.  After experiencing unfavorable side affects from pharmaceuticals to manage her pain, she started exploring cannabis and was pleasantly surprised by how effective it was in alleviating her pain.  As an advocate, she shared her experiences with her community but was reported to CPS in 2012.  She fought the courts and after two years of probation, all charges were dropped.  This experience sparked a fire in Kelley which led her to create CannaMommy.org

@thecannamommy  and @cannamommynonprofit
Jessica Barajas

San Leandro, CA

Jessica developed a digestive disorder in her early 20’s and cannabis became the only treatment she could depend on.  She became more committed to advocating for the health benefits of cannabis and is determined to help others realize the benefits of the plant.  In 2015, she began incorporating cannabis into her photography in an effort to change to stigma around stoners and to connect with more women in the community.  


Gina Gault


Gina is a mother of three married to her best friend. She assists the Illinois Women in Cannabis to provide education, networking, and support to women (and men) of all demographics. She is also a patient counselor with Greenhouse Group in Deerfield, a leading provider of medical cannabis in the Chicagoland area. Gina is passionate about uplifting others, being environmentally responsible and socially conscious of the world and culture we all hope to thrive in. 


Katie Kane

Boulder, Colorado

With a passion for cannabis both personally and professionally, Katie uses her voice to educate consumers and push the conversation forward to end prohibition nationally. Working as a cannabis marketer and brand manager she uses social media platforms to meet that goal and highlight some of the most well respected cannabis brands and retailers across the country. Originally from the Texas hill country, Katie now resides with her husband and two kids in the magical Colorado mountains. In her free time she likes to drink cannabis infused coffee and write.




Oakland, CA

A longtime activist and patient, Dani Walton is an expert in cannabis concentrates and the healthful aspects of ‘dabbing.’ As a member of the executive team at Harborside, Dani is privy to the latest products and methods of consumption on the market, and to the evolving science of cannabis medicines. Now ready to share what she’s learned, Dani hopes to remove the stigma of dabbing, and educate other patients and adult-use consumers on its many benefits compared to other methods of consumption. 



Monterey, CA

Born and raised with the Big Sur mountains in her backyard, Stacey was fortunate to be exposed to the cannabis industry before social media was an option to conduct business.  Her connection to farmers and boutique cannabis brands taught her the importance of building relationships based on trust and respect.  Today she uses that same foundation to help modern day entrepreneurs grow their social presence and build an engaged community.  

Green Leaf

Kelsi Wilbers1

Fort Worth, Texas

Kelsi is an activist, photographer and creative with a passion for advocacy and social justice.  Living in Fort Worth Texas, her role in the industry is one of support, education and normalization.  This year, she is moving to Austin to be more directly involved in cannabis activism and feminist efforts.  She is excited to watch as women from all backgrounds rise up and infiltrate the cannabis industry.


Mckenna Gauer

Irvine, CA

Mckenna wants to see a world where cannabis is no longer a thing to be feared or judged.  She created The Canna Mamas in support of mothers everywhere to have the freedom to medicate safely and naturally.


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