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Lizzy Jeff Bay Area Tour

Oov Lifestyle is proud to present Lizzy Jeff's first Bay Area Tour


Lizzy Jeff is an activist for peace and love, committed to upholding the vibe. Her ability to empower and motivate people through her melodies and wordplay is her natural superpower. Lizzy’s enchanting tone will take you on a mystical journey of introspection and self love.

She’s a mystic and a Medicine Woman in every sense. Whether hosting her own curated experiences, teaching the world about plant medicine or sharing universal rhymes, Lizzy leaves sprinkles of inspiration everywhere she goes.


Join us for an immersive experience at the Scarlet Sage SF. Lizzy Jeff will lead a CBD infused sensuality experience with meditation and a conversation around using cannabis, other herbs and crystal healing to tap into the power of our wombs and unleash creativity. Here you can connect with community in an intimate setting. There will be herbal elixirs served and plant based snacks. All guests will receive a curated wellness Oov Approved gift bag.


This evening will embrace all the magical vibes of a late-night jazz club. Hosted at Big Rock SF, with a special performance by Lizzy Jeff and her DJ, Moon Flower. Enjoy a Zen & Kush lounge, plant-based hors d'oeuvres created live, in an open facing kitchen. All guests will receive an Oov Approved gift bag.

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"With the prohibition of marijuana slowly being lifted, the marketplace is exploding with new products. The opportunity for education is vast and Ozzie's Cannabis 101 workshop was very informative and eye opening. I believe it is important to continue to educate ourselves about this beautiful plant."

— Stephanie M.
Mill Valley CA

"Ozzie was the inspiration I have been looking for to be candid about my medical marijuana use. Which turned into me helping others... by being open about and available to have transparent conversations, others have also been able to find the relief they need.."

— Jessie
Orange County, CA

"I've been curious about how marijuana has changed over the years especially now with all the buzz happening. Honestly, I was blown away by not only the products Ozzie showed but also the information she shared which was put together in a gorgeous presentation. "

— Lindsay S.
Sausalito, CA