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A Day of Wellness & Cannabis Exploration

November 3rd, 2018

Oov Lifestyle, NEWERA and SAVA curate a day of wellness at Harmonia in beautiful Sausalito, CA.  Once known as "The Record Plant", Harmonia was a recording studio for some of the biggest names in the music industry.

With several different rooms and moods, we have something for everyone.  We will start the day off with power yoga by Susan Hauser, followed by lunch, an oyster bar and various interactive self-care areas.  Meet a variety of amazing brands ranging from cannabis to health and wellness.

Following open house, we will invite Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein to discussion about their new documentary, Weed the People.

All guests will receive a limited edition print copy of Oov Magazine.

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Cannabis 101

with Ozzie

We guide you through a gorgeous 20 minute presentation answering all the most commonly asked questions from "How do I get started?" to "What does Sativa and Indica mean?" Once you have some knowledge under your belt, we bring out all the goodies and demonstrate various methods and products.

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"With the prohibition of marijuana slowly being lifted, the marketplace is exploding with new products. The opportunity for education is vast and Ozzie's Cannabis 101 workshop was very informative and eye opening. I believe it is important to continue to educate ourselves about this beautiful plant."

— Stephanie M.
Mill Valley CA

"Ozzie was the inspiration I have been looking for to be candid about my medical marijuana use. Which turned into me helping others... by being open about and available to have transparent conversations, others have also been able to find the relief they need.."

— Jessie
Orange County, CA

"I've been curious about how marijuana has changed over the years especially now with all the buzz happening. Honestly, I was blown away by not only the products Ozzie showed but also the information she shared which was put together in a gorgeous presentation. "

— Lindsay S.
Sausalito, CA