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Real Stories: Jessica Olson

Standing in the bathroom of my work office, I stare at my reflection urging myself to just hurry up and get it done. “But what if someone walks in?” My hands scurry in my handbag, searching for the little esky that contains my $1,300 syringe. I wait a few more […]

Are You Riding the Wave?

The demand for high quality vaporizers continues to grow as demand for more efficient delivery mechanisms increases. While numerous companies are still relying on batteries and cartridges utilizing tech from the early 2010’s, a number of new companies are seeking to push the envelope, focused on improving the user experience […]

Real Stories: Candice Paschal

Walking between glowing greenhouses on cold, dark days takes me back to a specific memory as a child. I was 4-years-old and it was still dark early in the morning when my mom and I had to catch the city bus. I can still feel the cold air hitting my […]

The Benefits of Cannabis for Women’s Health

The complexities of the female body can be both daunting and mesmerizing. In the field of science, it has been common for clinical studies to be conducted on all male participants, as there are so many variables when observing the female body. As we shift into a new, more progressive […]