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Meet the Original Ganja Goddess: Chef Jessica Catalano

Jessica Catalano is a Professional Cannabis Chef, cannabis edibles expert, food writer, the pioneer of strain specific cannabis cuisine, founder of TGKR, and author of The Ganja Kitchen Revolution: The Bible of Cannabis Cuisine published by Green Candy Press. She is a Medical Cannabis and Cannabis Lifestyle advocate who has […]

Meet Tamara of Culinary and Cannabis

Culinary and Cannabis is a new groundbreaking event forum which brings together healthcare professionals, advocacy groups, and food & wine experts within the community for a great cause. We aim to refute the stigma associated with medical marijuana treatment by exploring its many culinary possibilities. The Culinary and Cannabis event […]

Meet the girl that took her health into her own hands…

“Sam Stoner” shares her story with Oov: I grew up with chronic migraines starting at age 12, and had doctor after doctor tell me prescription after prescription would be the cure. Every doctor said the same word: Hormones. Like it was an easy excuse for such an easy thing. These […]