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Meet the girl that took her health into her own hands…

“Sam Stoner” shares her story with Oov: I grew up with chronic migraines starting at age 12, and had doctor after doctor tell me prescription after prescription would be the cure. Every doctor said the same word: Hormones. Like it was an easy excuse for such an easy thing. These […]

Meet the woman taking skincare to a whole new level…

Janet Schriever combines the powerful benefits of CBD and clean beauty ingredients to bring us an amazing line called Crave Skincare.  I had the pleasure of trying her products and can tell you first hand – my skin felt silky smooth.  Being a daily makeup user, I could not wait […]

Ozzie kicks off “Women of Cannabis” series

I’ve been learning through this rapidly changing period of my life that the more I open up, the more of an impact it has on my progress and self-growth.  Authenticity, compassion, and motivation are extremely powerful when combined with the support of your community and loved ones.  I owe much […]

Ashley Castro of Home in the Hive

Cannabis and Motherhood. My journey with mama ganja started over a decade ago, when I was 18. I’ve used medical marijuana for anxiety, depression, migraines, body aches and pains, more energy, deeper sleep, connecting with spirit, creativity juice and so much more! When we found out we were pregnant with […]