Real Stories: Jessica Olson

By Jessica Olson | January 15, 2019

Standing in the bathroom of my work office, I stare at my reflection urging myself to just hurry up and get it done. “But what if someone walks in?” My hands scurry in my handbag, searching for the little esky that contains my $1,300 syringe. I wait a few more […]

Real Stories: Candice Paschal

By Candice Paschal | January 5, 2019

Walking between glowing greenhouses on cold, dark days takes me back to a specific memory as a child. I was 4-years-old and it was still dark early in the morning when my mom and I had to catch the city bus. I can still feel the cold air hitting my […]

Culture, Conversations & Cannabis

By Jennifer French | October 15, 2018

As recently as last year, nobody who knew me would have believed I’d end up in the cannabis industry. I had spent 15 years working myself into the ground in the corporate world, trying to fulfill the aspirations my stereotypically controlling Asian parents had for me: to be a successful […]

Real Stories: Christina of Lifted Gypsies

By OovTeam | February 7, 2019

Have you ever sat and wondered about your existence? Why you’re here? What your purpose is? I used to ask myself these questions all the time, but they only left me in a deep, dark hole of depression. Growing up I had plenty of friends, but was the type of […]

Medicine or Misdemeanor? An open letter…

By OovTeam | July 25, 2018

Dear Representatives, I recently relocated back to my hometown in North Carolina after living in California for the last 12 years. I suffer from chronic pain amongst a long list of other debilitating symptoms associated with fibromyalgia. I’ve seen several specialists and tried every pharmaceutical imaginable in an effort to […]

Real Stories: Nikki and Alec

By ozzie@oov.life | July 12, 2018

Both my husband and I have experienced healing through CBD and cannabis use. A couple of years ago, my husband sustained a serious injury on the job as a contractor. He was forced to stop working, was placed on worker’s comp, and began experiencing not only depression from his inability […]

Real Story: Lainie Ruth

By ozzie@oov.life | July 5, 2018

My experience with cannabis has been incredibly life changing, although tangled in a fog of stigma and controversy. I am a loyal and public advocate for what is commonly called “marijuana maintenance.” Marijuana maintenance means using cannabis instead of less natural options for the treatment of substance use disorder. With […]

Jean & Jane

By ozzie@oov.life | February 6, 2018

My story with cannabis is ever evolving. Every time I sit with Mother Cannabis/Mama Ganja, she blesses me with clarity and depth, dropping me into my own body and right back into the present moment.  She offers me a higher perspective on the many nuances of everyday living and a […]

Lenaya Kimball’s Pathway to Healing

By ozzie@oov.life | February 1, 2018

I’ve only just recently “come out” about my use of cannabis, but I’m hearing the collective voices of women rising up and needing to be heard.  I feel my own spirit asking to be set free.  So I’m pushing through the stigma and social and legal constraints that have kept […]

@ShezBlazed Tells All

By ozzie@oov.life | January 24, 2018

Life hit me particularly hard in college and I tumbled into depression. Upon reaching out for help, I was prescribed medications. I felt like I was barely surviving through the draining trial-and-error period that comes with diagnosing and treating psychiatric illnesses. Ultimately I realized that if I allowed myself, I could get to know […]