Culture, Conversations & Cannabis

By Jennifer French | October 15, 2018

As recently as last year, nobody who knew me would have believed I’d end up in the cannabis industry. I had spent 15 years working myself into the ground in the corporate world, trying to fulfill the aspirations my stereotypically controlling Asian parents had for me: to be a successful […]

Medicine or Misdemeanor? An open letter…

By OovTeam | July 25, 2018

Dear Representatives, I recently relocated back to my hometown in North Carolina after living in California for the last 12 years. I suffer from chronic pain amongst a long list of other debilitating symptoms associated with fibromyalgia. I’ve seen several specialists and tried every pharmaceutical imaginable in an effort to […]

Real Stories: Nikki and Alec

By ozzie@oov.life | July 12, 2018

Both my husband and I have experienced healing through CBD and cannabis use. A couple of years ago, my husband sustained a serious injury on the job as a contractor. He was forced to stop working, was placed on worker’s comp, and began experiencing not only depression from his inability […]

Real Story: Lainie Ruth

By ozzie@oov.life | July 5, 2018

My experience with cannabis has been incredibly life changing, although tangled in a fog of stigma and controversy. I am a loyal and public advocate for what is commonly called “marijuana maintenance.” Marijuana maintenance means using cannabis instead of less natural options for the treatment of substance use disorder. With […]

Jean & Jane

By ozzie@oov.life | February 6, 2018

My story with cannabis is ever evolving. Every time I sit with Mother Cannabis/Mama Ganja, she blesses me with clarity and depth, dropping me into my own body and right back into the present moment.  She offers me a higher perspective on the many nuances of everyday living and a […]

Lenaya Kimball’s Pathway to Healing

By ozzie@oov.life | February 1, 2018

I’ve only just recently “come out” about my use of cannabis, but I’m hearing the collective voices of women rising up and needing to be heard.  I feel my own spirit asking to be set free.  So I’m pushing through the stigma and social and legal constraints that have kept […]

@ShezBlazed Tells All

By ozzie@oov.life | January 24, 2018

Life hit me particularly hard in college and I tumbled into depression. Upon reaching out for help, I was prescribed medications. I felt like I was barely surviving through the draining trial-and-error period that comes with diagnosing and treating psychiatric illnesses. Ultimately I realized that if I allowed myself, I could get to know […]

Annie’s Story

By ozzie@oov.life | January 8, 2018

My relationship with cannabis has evolved so much since my first bong hit in the summer of 2006, after just graduating from high school. I was 17 years old and I had been avidly against smoking anything since my grandfather had passed away from lung cancer. But a few Bacardi […]

A Journey of Love through Cannabis

By ozzie@oov.life | January 1, 2018

Cannabis has been a part of my life for longer than it has not.  It has taken me on a journey of love, loss and self discovery.  I joke that I no longer believe we farm this beautiful plant, it farms us.  Through the challenges, she perseveres because she supports […]

Medical marijuana to the rescue!

By ozzie@oov.life | December 19, 2017

  I have intimately witnessed first hand how extremely beneficial medical cannabis products can be. Our journey began in 2012  when my father was diagnosed with stage 4 malignant melanoma. The cancer had spread to his entire body, including his brain, by the time it was detected. He wasn’t experiencing […]