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Real Stories: Nikki and Alec

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Both my husband and I have experienced healing through CBD and cannabis use. A couple of years ago, my husband sustained a serious injury on the job as a contractor. He was forced to stop working, was placed on worker’s comp, and began experiencing not only depression from his inability to work, but also severe pain and discomfort from the actual injury. The following year, I shattered my collarbone and cracked my skull in two places during a serious skateboarding accident.

My husband and I received surgeries for our injuries and were prescribed lots of medications. These prescriptions either made us feel like complete zombies or created a laundry list of other side effects that we now had to combat on top of the original pain. We started to feel lethargic, unmotivated, and helpless. We knew we needed to find another method for healing. This is when Alec and I really began to explore the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

We began meeting cannabis vendors who introduced us to different CBD products and taught us about the healing powers of CBD. Within a few weeks, we were completely off of prescription medications and were solely using cannabis for pain. We were more aware, more emotionally stable, and for the first time in a long time, we were relaxed, happy, and pain-free!

After experiencing such relief from CBD and THC, we decided to share the powers of cannabis with others. My husband and I wanted to collaborate with other cannabis business owners in the industry to create more of an informal and hands-on experience for those wanting to learn more about this alternative medicine.

Shortly after, we turned our Airbnb into the first San Diego bud and breakfast and were featured on Channel CBS8 News. Now we have multiple CBD sponsors who donate products to help introduce our guests to this healing alternative. We also work with a plant medicine reiki healer and a yoga instructor, both who offer personal sessions to our guests.

Nikki is a cannabis advocate and co-owner of La Casita Bonita Bud & Breakfast.

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