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Representations of Women in the Industry

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Oov Lifestyle oozes female power, seeking to elevate the role and place of women in the world, while we connect cannabis and lifestyle in beneficial and enlightening ways.

We are founded on believing that women create one of the strongest foundations, and vibes, within the cannabis industry. We exist with the purpose to celebrate, recognize and elevate women making a serious change in cannabis while remaining inclusive of all genders, races, and classes.

This year, we’ve been exploring various minorities in cannabis, including African Americans, and immigrant communities who have had a long and sometimes complicated history with cannabis. In both cases, we found that minorities were both under-represented in terms of presence in the industry as well as disproportionately targeted for cannabis-based criminal activity.

By highlighting the roles and history of minorities in cannabis, we hope to strengthen voices and bring acknowledgment to areas where we can do better and learn from other industries.

With March 8 is only one of the recent days we celebrated women on International Women’s Day, we thought it would be a great opportunity to light up some of the challenges and triumphs of women in cannabis. We hope to turn heads towards how we are interacting with cannabis, and make a change, as we embrace the opportunities in front of us.

Here’s an overview of four really important aspects of the role of women in cannabis, and where we have opportunities to continue to make waves in this growing industry:

Opportunity #1: Female Entrepreneurs in Cannabis

The role of women has been the talk of our global communities these last few months as the #metoo movement, various allegations of sexual assault around Hollywood, continued Women’s Marches and Oprah Winfrey’s “Time’s Up” speech is ringing in our ears and causing vibrations in our social circles. We’re telling men, and the world, that we’re a force not to be messed with, overlooked, or unaccounted for in the world’s most important social and economic discourses.

The great thing is that cannabis is thriving with female entrepreneurs, doing pretty darn good in terms of leadership and women being on top. However, when you look at the most recent statistics, we’re not doing as good as we should be.

According to the Women and Minorities report completed by Marijuana Business Daily, there was a 10% decline in the number of female leaders and CEOs in cannabis companies between 2015 and 2017, with only 27% of cannabis companies being led by this fierce demographic.

Can we make 2018 the year of women in cannabis? How can we respond, as businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs to shift the statistics of women climbing the cannabis corporate ladders?

Opportunity #2: Not Letting Walmart Weed Stomp on Cannabis’ Female Pioneers

When the gold rush really began to erupt, there was a take-over of sorts, of the roles and work of hundreds of female cannabis pioneers who had laid very important foundations for the expanding legal cannabis business.

What happened exactly? White men with lots of money. To put it bluntly, females who have set the path are now having giant cannabis Hummers driven all over them with bigwigs from Wall Street and Silicon Valley, which has had a historical gender bias towards males, getting big pieces of the cannabis pie.

Heather Haveman who has studied the emerging cannabis industry at UC Berkley observed in Bloomberg, “If the field of legal cannabis is becoming more corporate that might lead to a reduction in the women at the top,” and we’d tend to agree that the emergence of “Walmart weed” may perpetuate a male-dominated industry.

Hope is not lost though, the cannabis industry is just 20 years old, not 200, or 500 years old, and there is almost a clean slate of sorts on which women can make their mark. This is our opportunity.

Opportunity #3: Moving Away from Sex Sells in Cannabis

The early days of cannabis culture, unfortunately, had cast women in roles that would objectify them. Sadly, today, cannabis culture is still somewhat fraught with babes in bikinis smoking buds, or cannabis babes using their bodies as the ultimate display of good cannabis. You’ll see it all over social media.

With female representations like these, we aren’t doing the role of women in cannabis any favors. Oov Lifestyle and its collaborators seek to change this image, replacing bikini-clad women with the power-suit corporate vaping gal, swapping the buds on a tight ass with buds next to her computer as she powers through her day, and changing the blunt smoking club girl for the mom who microdoses cannabis edibles to help her bring focus to her day.

Let’s not continue the “sex sells” approach with imagery. Let’s replace that with a new kind of essence; a woman who uses her brain – not her body – to advance the cannabis industry.

Opportunity #4: Elevating Cannabis for Women’s Health

As we’ve demonstrated through our articles, Oov Lifestyle has a strong focus on the role of cannabis in women’s health, where thousands of women are turning to cannabis to help ease the symptoms of women’s health issues. Women are emerging in so many important ways to tell about the impact of cannabis on their health, including:

  • Cannabis for chronic pain for complicated pain issues like fibromyalgia;
  • Finding relief from cannabis for severe migraines;
  • Examining the role of cannabis during pregnancy and for easing the symptoms of postpartum depression;
  • Cannabis for easing pain associated with menstrual cramps;
  • Emerging research on how cannabis is being used in the lives of those with cancer;
  • Cannabis as a supplement for weight loss;
  • The role of cannabis in dealing with the side effects of complicated reproductive conditions including interstitial cystitis;

With the promise of cannabis for helping women deal with health issues that are unique to them, we can count on the voices of women to create a cumulative call for more research supporting how cannabis is changing women’s health.

Opportunities to Triumph

As we’ve demonstrated in this brief examination of women in cannabis, there’s a lot of opportunities, and some critical work to be done as women embrace and step into their space in the industry.

From increasing the number of female CEOs, to protecting women against often sexist corporate practices, to moving the needle of imagery, to advancing the way cannabis is being used for women’s health; we have more than enough opportunities at our fingertips.

Help Oov Lifestyle tell positive and impactful stories! Stay in touch, think about becoming an Oov Ambassador, and contact us if you are a woman in cannabis, or a woman advancing the role of cannabis in the lives of other women. We’d love to tell your story as we continue to elevate women in this glowing and growing industry.

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  1. I love your articles! You offer a lot of insight regarding the current state of the cannabis lifestyle. The future is full of change for the industry as pot becomes mainstream. I think that until we can remove more of the “dope” stigma from marijuana, woman in cannabis will have an uphill battle. Kudos to you for working towards that goal!


      Thanks you so much for the kind words Susie!! You’re continuous support is much appreciated 🙂

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