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Science Proves Cannabis Makes You Have More Sex

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Science has proven that those who use cannabis have more sex.

This flies in the face of the old wives tales we’ve all been told about how guys who smoke weed have a lowered sperm count, or that smoking weed makes you lazy and disengaged.

Au contraire, according to a study published last week in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

More Cannabis, More Sex

The Stanford University Medical Centre study was conducted using data from the National Survey of Family Growth that examines the sex and reproductive patterns of people on family, marriage, sex, fertility, divorce and other relational aspects. The survey questions asked how frequently people had sex over the last 4 weeks and how frequently they had smoked marijuana in the last year.

The study conclusion showed “a positive association between marijuana use and sexual frequency is seen in men and women across all demographic groups”, with women cannabis users having sex an average 7.1 times over the past 4 weeks, compared to the 6 times for non-cannabis users.

The same for men, with those who use having sex 6.9 times over the last 4 weeks in comparison to their non-tokin’ counterparts who did it 5.6 times over that period.

Anyone looking at this data shouldn’t neglect to recognize that overall, cannabis women are leading the pack in the frequency of sexual pleasures on a regular basis. Good on ya, ladies.

How can you kick up your sex life a notch as a cannabis-loving, sex-loving female?

A Sexy Collaboration…

Oov Lifestyle was created on our passions for femininity, motherhood, love, feminism, and sex, and the partnerships we have cultivated for our cannabis brand have all been in in the pursuit of extraordinary pleasure.

Our brand is built on the recognition that cannabis and sensuality are a natural combination.

Couples and sexual partners who enjoy cannabis together can mutually enjoy the way cannabis enhances life – good conversations, feeling relaxed, a heightened sense of feelings of sensuality with those CBDs doing their magic in your endocannabinoid system, eating delicious foods together, laughing together, loving together, while letting your mutual enjoyment of cannabis bring you closer… It’s probably why couples who use cannabis together are most likely to stay together!

If science is telling us that cannabis is the way to more sex, what are we waiting for?

Oov Lifestyle has something perfect for the cannabis couple or any woman wanting to take her love of sex and cannabis to the next level.

Experience Cannabis Sensuality

Simple Jane and Oov Lifestyle have partnered to bring cannabis right between your bedsheets.

The Simple Jane Barely There Massage Oil brings 50mg of CBD into this sensual, passionate product that will bring all that’s good about sex and cannabis to all the right places… You can find details of our giveaway on our Instagram page.

Bring your Simple Jane Barely There Massage Oil along with your favorite cannabis products to the bedroom and let cannabis enhance your sex life, and make you crave more of it.

Let’s take this one step further; check out the Oov Lifestyle public spotify channel for added sexy ambiance!  When you bring cannabis and music together, you are definitely creating the perfect cocktail for an extremely enjoyable evening.

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