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Solana is the owner & founder of Sol Canna Care and has been invloved in the cannabis field since 2009. She first began working with the autistic community in 2015 by treating her son, whom has autism and was heavily suffering at that time. She found amazing results utilizing whole plant cannabis therapy!   From there, she went out to her local community and started supporting other families struggling with the same issues she had been facing. Over the past couple of years, she has worked towards opening a brick and mortar and is collaborating with other companies in the industry to ensure that she can help as many families as she can.


Oov: What did you do before you got involved in the cannabis industry?

Solana: Before I began my career in the cannabis industry, I was a stay at home mom to my 2 children at the time (I now have 3).

Oov: How did you get into cannabis? Where did it all start?

I first got into the cannabis industry by creating my edible company, Medicinal Mamas edibles in Riverside, CA.  In 2009, it was the hay day in Riverside for medical cannabis; there was a cannabis store on almost every corner and my products were in just about every store front.  I made twinkies & ding-dongs. When I became pregnant with my third child, continuing my business was difficult as none of the business owners (all men) would order from me even though my products flew off the shelves.

Oov: What would you say has been the most difficult aspect of being in this industry? What are some roadblocks?

The most difficult hurdle as a woman in this industry, is getting the majority of men to hear your voice and respect you.  There are great men in this industry,  some of my best friends.  But, I still often deal with being ignored, looked over, objectified for my looks and body, and spoken down to. I’m completely spoiled by my husband because he lifts me up and supports all that I’ve gone after. He stayed home with our kids so I can follow my passion, and takes care of my son’s autism therapy everyday after school. He is nothing short of amazing.  So when I go into the business world, sometimes I’m taken aback on how some men can still be so archaic. It’s 2018, come on guys. 

Oov: What motivates you to be a leader in your niche?

What motivates me to be a leader is my fight for autism and other families like mine. My son has made me a stronger woman; because of him I am no longer afraid to speak my mind.  Cannabis has saved our family and given a life to my son that he can not just survive, but THRIVE! And I want to be able give that gift to other families that are struggling to survive through raising a child with autism. I want them to know they are NOT ALONE.

Oov: What advice would you give to a friend wanting to break into the industry?

My advice to a friend trying to get into the cannabis industry would be to be completely and utterly relentless. If you want something, go out and get it. Most people hold themselves back!  Don’t give up…find your niche, your passion, what drives you, and funnel EVERYTHING into that. And don’t stop until you’ve accomplished your goals.  Then, set higher goals.

Oov: As a parent, how do talk to your kids about cannabis? Was there a “coming out of the cannabis closet” moment for you?

For my family, cannabis is life. My children are legal cannabis patients.  They understand the plant as good medicine that helps them.  I have educated them since they could ask questions, because knowledge is power.

Oov: Tell us about your first experience with cannabis.

Lol. It’s a good one.  So in 10th grade my bff at the time, Brittany, was a total stoner and wanted me to try cannabis. One day when we were in the bathroom at lunch time she asked me to come into her stall and she pulled out a pipe that looked like lipstick.   I tried to smoke out of it but I was scared of getting caught and definitely did not get high.

Oov:  Favorite strain/product on the market right now and why?

My favorite strain for daytime is Green Crack, hands down! For night, I love to unwind with Dirt Ninja Farm’s Hash on top of some Gorilla Glue.  Makes for amazing relaxation and the perfect night’s sleep.

Solana Fischer, Founder

Sol Canna Care

IG: @solcannacare

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