Ozzie Ozkay-Villa

A professional doula, Ozzie founded Alternative Mothers Group and later supported the opening of Marin County’s first free-standing birth center. As she became more public about her choice to medicate with cannabis, her community met her with support and curiosity.  Ozzie is a natural networker and community builder who believes creating safe spaces and fostering positive dialogue, is the first step towards celebrating non-conventional health and lifestyle decisions.




Shayna Kreps

Shayna Kreps

As the President of her own Premium Natural Products Brokerage, Shayna has created and implemented dynamic sales and educational strategies for some of the leading brands in the industry. Helping bridge the gap between producers of fine health and wellness products, retailers and their customer base. Shayna is obsessed with building strong, lasting relationships and being an authority on Natural Wellness and Beauty. She brings to Oov Lifestyle a comprehensive understanding of the Natural Wellness and Beauty category and is inspired and driven to be part of bridging the gap between Cannabis and Wellness, and ending the stigma associated with such an amazing plant.