The Benefits of Adding Hemp Seeds to Your Daily Diet

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Are you planning on adopting a healthy diet? Are you looking for organic ways to attain your health goals? If yes, then hemp seeds can be the solution you are looking for. While hemp has been around for centuries, it is only now that people are ready to make it a part of their diet. Hemp seeds have found a safe place in everyone’s home, owing to the myriad of health benefits it offers.

Benefits of adding hemp seeds in diet:

1.       Can alleviate pain: If you have arthritis, chronic joint illnesses can be challenging to cope up with. Rheumatoid arthritis can lead to inflammation, as the immune system starts attacking its tissues.

What hemp seeds do: Hemp seeds, or hemp seed oil to be more specific, can do wonders for your joint pain and inflammation. Hemp oil is full of healing qualities that can alleviate pain. A study conducted at Korea University, Seoul, shows that hemp seed oil can help combat the rheumatic effects in human cells.

How to use it: You can ingest hemp seeds directly, or you can crush it to get powder or oil and add it to your diet. Hemp oil infused edibles like brownies, or gummy bears are also an excellent way to take care of pain.  


2.       Keeps your gut in good health: Is constipation not letting you enjoy your life to the fullest? Then including hemp seeds into your diet can do wonders for your gut.

What hemp seeds do: Hemp seeds are rich in fiber, both soluble and insoluble. It can not only add bulk to your stool and relieve constipation, but it also promotes a healthy immune system. 

How to use it: Take 1-2 spoons of hemp hearts daily to get fiber and let healthy bacteria thrive in your gut.     


3.       Get rid of cardiovascular troubles: Heart ailments are on the rise, owing to the radical lifestyle troubles and increasing stress. To keep your heart healthy, you need healthy fats, fiber, plant-based proteins, and less sugar in your diet, and hemp seeds can be the right dietary supplement for that.  

What hemp seeds do: By taking hemp seeds daily, you also take arginine, which is a type of amino acid. Arginine produces nitrogen oxide, which then keeps the blood vessels in good health and lowers the blood pressure.  

How to use it: Hemp seeds in any form can be helpful for your heart. Adding the seeds to your salad can be the best way to stay healthy.



4.       Adds shine to your hair: Our hair has to bear the brunt of the frequent weather changes, pollution, and harsh chemical products. They lose their shine and luster, and the scalp can also become prone to dandruff and irritation.

What hemp seeds do: Your hair needs the right amount of vitamins and fatty acids to stay healthy. Hemp seeds are rich in fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6, which can bring back life to your tresses. It adds a layer of protection and conditions them to the core.

How to use it: The best way to take hemp seeds is ingesting it directly. If eating the seeds is not your thing, you can apply the oil to your hair or add it to your shampoo.


5.       Can help tackle the PMS symptoms: A majority of women go through a tumultuous time before and during their period. Prior to it, they undergo hormonal changes that induce mood swings and bloating. During the 5-7 days, they suffer from excruciating cramps, which can be difficult to deal with.

What hemp seeds do: Prolactin is the hormone that is responsible for causing PMS symptoms. Hemp seeds being rich in Gamma-linolenic acid produces a prostaglandin which tackles the PMS effects caused by prolactin.

How to use it: If you want to reduce mood swings, irritability, and cramps, you can ingest hemp seeds directly. And if the pain still persists, applying hemp seed oil on the abdomen can also help alleviate it.




Hemp seeds, having an exceptional nutrient profile, is the perfect dietary supplement. It is free of cannabinoids like CBD and THC, which makes it entirely safe to use. So, if it is the safety of seeds that is keeping you away from trying it, it is time to shed the inhibitions and give them a try. It will not only provide you with the required nutrients to tackle health troubles, but it will nourish you enough to have a healthy immune system that prevents many diseases. You don’t even have to worry about going out, for you can get quality seeds at High Supplies.


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