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The Sesh: IG LIVE – Meditation with Chelsea Quint

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Chelsea Quint is an intuitive healer, life + worth coach, and biz mentor who helps high achieving, powerful women shift from surviving to thriving in life, love and business. Using soul healing and energetic mastery, she helps women stuck in survival mode heal their energy field to create the impact, influence and income they crave, on the way to building and living their legacy. Chelsea has never been one for living by the rules, and helps big dreamers redefine what’s realistic and create a life that is way beyond normal levels of good, supported, fulfilled and abundant. She’s a yoga and meditation teacher, C-PTSD survivor, clean + green beauty junkie and author.  When she’s not running her group programs or supporting 1:1 clients, Chelsea is usually writing, getting lost in the magic of NYC where she lives with her husband and two cats. Stay in touch on Instagram, listen to the Survivor to Thriver podcast  or join the free Survivor to Thriver Community

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