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Upcoming Cannabis Events

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The cannabis industry has no shortage of exciting events nationwide right now. Take a look below to find everything from industry events for medical professionals to cannabis-infused dinners, guaranteed to get you the elevated experience that you’re looking for.

Industry Events

The 4th Annual Cannabis Nurses Network Conference

With more states legalizing cannabis every day for both medical and recreational use, patients now have access to and are using these products for pain relief and improved quality of life. Hosted by the Cannabis Nurses Network, at this event you’ll learn more about the endocannabinoid system and how to properly care for it. Also available for continuing education credits!

DATES: February 28th – March 2nd, 2019
LOCATION: 1380 Harbor Island Dr. San Diego, CA 92101

MJ for MD’s in Colorado is hosting an event for doctors, nurses, and anyone looking to expand their knowledge of medical cannabis. Doctors and nurses can earn 15+ CME/CE credits. With an amazing lineup of speakers, you will gain local and global perspectives on research, hearing about studies from Israel, France, Puerto Rico, and more.

DATES: October 14-16th

The Medical Cannabis Conference

This conference in Missouri will happen right before a historic three-option ballot. Learn from cannabis doctors and industry professionals, enjoy complimentary meals, and more. All proceeds go towards veteran suicide prevention and cannabis education.

DATES: October 27th-October 28th
LOCATION: 2 Convention Center Plz, St. Charles, Missouri 63303


HUSTLE HARD is an immersive workshop-style retreat focusing on business, finance, and funding with just the right mix of connection and inspiration. The goal of the retreat is to send women home with immediately applicable tools in their corporate toolboxes. This event is hosted by The Commune, the first women’s cannabis-friendly co-working space.

DATES: October 19th – 21st
LOCATION: Brasada Ranch, Bend, OR

Events for Enthusiasts

Toketivity never fails to throw incredible female-focused events, and now they are in 8 different cities!  Find all their October events here.

The Saving Sophie Experience

Support cancer research with a phenomenal night out on the town. Profits will go towards expanding cancer research being done at a top university in southern California and enrolling more patients.

DATE: Friday, October 12th from 7-10pm
LOCATION: Tropicana Bar at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Ellementa – Women’s Circles Nationwide

Ellementa brings together diverse women with different levels of experience with cannabis – from the long-time consumer to the curious and exploring, from the medical user to the woman looking for a natural way to unwind at the end of the day.  Find your nearest gathering, or to start your own circle with them!

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Feature Photo: The Luna Center, San Rafael CA

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